Cuisine Scene: Ice Cream

Long Beach screams for ice cream in so many flavors (from sweet to savory), so many forms (chocked full of candy, fruit or Cap’n Crunch), and enjoyed in so many ways (cones, cookies or hollow fish pastry). Yeah. Here’s the scoop.


Located in Shoreline Village, Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt on the Boardwalk (429 Shoreline Village Dr.) is the place you visit first and get something comforting and sweet to accompany you as you stroll, shop, jump aboard a boat or head to the Aquarium of the Pacific. Yes, beautiful days are made even better when put in the company of one of their gourmet ice creams and frozen yogurts in a bowl or waffle cone – perhaps a sundae? Maybe a smoothie made with nonfat frozen yogurt and fresh fruit. It all screams summer in the city.



Founder Dina Amadril started her ice cream journey at home, mixing flavors in a Kitchen Aid blender. Eventually she moved her business out of her kitchen and now has three locations, two in Long Beach: Downtown (222 E. Broadway) and Bixby Knolls (4141 Long Beach Blvd..) The Creamery’s success is in Amadril’s original principles: handcrafted quality, inventive flavors – Peach Sorbet to Burnt Caramel– infused with local, organic ingredients. Innovation is a constant; witness the shop’s cannabis-inspired line of products including Pineapple Express and OG Kush Chip.



This relative newcomer serves ah-boong, a dense, flavor-rich soft serve ice cream popular in Korea, along with such flavor staples as green matcha, purple ube (yam) and black sesame. Still, what has made SomiSomi (3900 Atlantic Ave.) so popular, so quickly is what the ice cream goes into: taiyaki. This hollow pastry – made with waffle or pancake batter – comes in the form of a large mouth fish, its interior painted with the likes of Nutella, red paste or stuffed with cookies, cheese, etc. An amazing tasting and looking experience.



Ultra clean and bright, La Michoacana Heladeria Tradicional’s (1168 E. Anaheim St.) decor matches with the hues of its ice cream, which pops from the refrigerated case in eye-catching splashes of green, red, yellow, etc. It is ultra-smooth, clean and crisp ice cream that tastes and feels like food. Fresh fruit – strawberry, lime, mango, watermelon – is integrated into both its ice cream and paletas, the popsicle-like offerings that look familiar to many, but may feature unfamiliar ingredients in such forms, i.e. one of the shops most popular paletas contains chile and cucumber. It’s really good.



Given its reputation for quality (since 1945!), it’s not unusual to see a line of people waiting at one of Handel’s walk-up windows at the Long Beach Exchange (4069 N. Lakewood Blvd.) You’ll notice that the people don’t seem the least bit annoyed, since they know delicious, handmade ice cream, featuring everything from Raspberry Cheesecake Chunk to Dulce De Leche, fruit to marshmallows, vegan to nonfat options, waits at the end of the queue. Located across the street from innovative food court, The Hangar, Handel’s provides a great ending to any meal, making it well worth the wait.

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