Cuisine Scene: Aguas Frescas

Though it took longer than expected, that persistent sunshine makes it clear that summer has finally arrived! And is there any better way to welcome the heat than by sipping one of the many cool fruit concoctions that exist under the delicious umbrella that is agua fresca? Whether you prefer tamarindo, jamaica, horchata or Vampire, these fresh and easy drinks prove what tastes good can be good for you. Cool!


Located pretty much across the street from Cal State Long Beach, Blue Burro (5726 E. Seventh St.), as you might expect, offers a lot of fresh, delicious food and drink that can be consumed by people either in a hurry or looking to take a break from a busy day. From burritos to fries, tacos to shakes, it offers lots of options and flavors. The foundation of all of this is its aguas frescas, especially its–fittingly–Blue Horchata, as well as cucumber, pineapple, and fresh strawberry drinks.



An exceptionally wide ranging menu, Chiki Fruit and Bionicos (4102 Orange Ave.) offers salads, sandwiches, and acai bowls as well as dessert items including cake pops, yes, cake pops. As you might expect, it also has a wide variety of drinks that share healthy ingredients in common. There are drinks specifically designed for digestion and ones for complexion, drinks that feature antioxidants as well as a drink to help you detox. We’re not sure what the Vampire Juice is best used for, but its beets, oranges, celery and carrot juices sound delicious.



Lauded for serving some of the finest aguas frescas in the area, Aguas Frescas Yahualica (6678 Long Beach Blvd.) is known for its balanced, fresh and authentic creations. Favorites include pepino con chia, naranja con pina and fresca con limon, as well the smoothie-like Licuados (papaya, mago, etc.) and Blizzard-like raspados. It also has 17 natural juices with healthful benefits in mixtures such as Porcelain Skin (carrot, spinach, cucumber) and Power Rise (carrot, orange, beets, parsley).

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