Cuisine Scene: Barbecue

From Port to Pike to oil pumps, Long Beach has always been a hardworking town, and hardworking towns value hearty food. What’s heartier and more delicious than barbecue: expertly rubbed, smoked, sauced, and finally, blissfully consumed. We’re talking barbecue, folks! And Long Beach has a lot of terrific, delicious options, located all over the city offering Southern comfort for all tastes and occasions. Have a look.

BBQ with a View

Family Business

Though it’s one of the smallest on this list in terms of store size and menu length, Robert Earl’s BBQ (703 E. Artesia Blvd.) is huge on reputation and local devotion. The Earl family’s simple, straightforward, meat-centric menu, featuring popular items like ribs and brisket – the latter described as “the stuff of legend” by a local media outlet, – as well as its equally legendary Mac & Cheese, are of such soaring quality that Earl’s regularly ranks not only as the top barbecue outfit in Long Beach but in all of LA County.

Tablecloth BBQ

The Naples Rib Company (5800 E. Second St.) is a staple in the local food scene, the kind of place often chosen for friendly meetups or business meetings of for families and organizations to gather and eat some delicious food while enjoying the company. That food, sometimes served in shiny buckets that make it easy to grab and then dispose of the bones, is complemented by great bar selections and the kind of atmosphere that makes customers want to linger.

As the name for Beachwood BBQ & Beer suggests, the Long Beach staple located in downtown it is as well known for its beer as its food, the latter of which includes delicious ribs, brisket, chicken, as well as options such as Fried Pickles and Burnt End Chili. Beachwood’s beer, which helped launch Long Beach’s exciting and exceptional craft brew scene, offers a global roster ranging from Scotch Ale to American stout to Belgian-style sours and a whole lot in between.

And Then Some