Cuisine Scene: Vegan

It’s a measure of how big and varied the Long Beach vegan restaurant scene is that it is not only enjoyed by people who call themselves vegan, but also retains a robust local following among vegetarians and even (gasp!) meat eaters. They are too good, too sophisticated and too wide ranging to appeal only to vegans, offering everything from ethnic interpretation, strictly raw selections, to incredible sweets and desserts.

The Wild Brunch

The Classic

Keeping it Raw

Fast Food

Wide Ranging

The Sweets Life

Eating vegan doesn’t mean having to sacrifice anything when it comes to taste or fun. Hug Life (2707 E. Fourth St.) with everything from milkshakes to ice cream tacos – folded beauties filled with three scoops of ice cream and then topped with condensed coconut milk—proclaims itself the anti-dairy creamery and offers an array of flavors: Vietnamese coffee, mango and chamoy and roasted black sesame seed, among them. Baked Vegan Sweets (718 Orange Ave.) features not only cakes but daily items such as cupcakes, brownies and “cakesickles” as well as a Sunday Brunch menu featuring Pop Tarts as well as a Bacon Egg and Cheese Hot Pocket.