Cuisine Scene: Vegan

Long Beach’s vegan foodscape is in a constant state of growth and evolution, encompassing widening cuisine types and styles, whether for breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert. Who wants brownies!?!? Here’s a delicious array of some of the most popular vegan dishes in town.

VEGAN HANGOVER RAMEN, Sura Korean BBQ & Tofu House

PURPLE TAQUITOS, Seabirds Kitchen

This is arguably the most popular dish at arguably the city’s most popular vegan restaurant. Seabirds Kitchen’s (975 E. 4th St.) takes purple potatoes and combines them with housemade curtido (Salvadoran cabbage slaw), creamy chipotle sour cream and housemade almond feta. The result is an irresistible combination of flavor profiles and mouth feels; crunchy crossed with creamy. By the way, many people like ordering an extra side of the chipotle sour cream. It’s that good.



Wild Chive (2650 E Broadway) marries soft-scrambled tofu with soyrizo, sauteed kale, slow-roasted peppers, sweet onions and shaved herb potatoes inside a flour tortilla that’s then grilled and served with a smoky chipotle aioli that some people can’t get enough of. For lots of fans of this burrito, the star is the thinly sliced potatoes that are big on flavor. For others, it’s simply how the whole production comes together to produce one big flavor.

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