Cuisine Scene: Burgers

There are few food items as simple and straightforward as the hamburger; that is, until you consider the near-countless ways they are prepared and enjoyed in Long Beach. That’s not surprising, considering this is one of the most diverse and exciting dining cities in the country. The kind of place you can enjoy a burger with bacon jam, gouda fondue, pickled jalapeno or sans meat while eating at a bistro, bar, vegan restaurant or golf course.


Carved from the bones of a 1920s craftsman home, The Attic (3441 E Broadway) has built one of the largest, most loyal followings in the city by offering sophisticated takes on comfort food, perhaps none more famous than its Mac & Cheetos, a mac and cheese dish made with flaming hot Cheetos. Its Attic Burger is another prime example of sophisticated comfort, with ground beef sitting on a house made benne seed bun and topped with cheddar and American cheese as well as a tangy remoulade sauce as well as requisite onions, pickles and iceberg lettuce. Ahhhhh.



The mission of this fun, downtown bar/restaurant is to pay homage to the traditional American tavern, and is there anything more time-honored, more fun than a burger and beer? The Just Your Ordinarie Burger looks fairly traditional until you realize the Thousand Island dressing is house made and those are pickled jalapenos dancing on your tongue along with some sweet caramelized onions. Pair this with The Ordinarie’s (210 Promenade N.) fantastic, fat French Fries and pair it all with some great local beers from such acclaimed local brewers such as Ambitious Ales, Beachwood Brewing and Ficklewood Cider.



Granted, when you find yourself at one of Long Beach’s premiere seafood restaurants, a burger is not necessarily the first thing that jumps to mind. But Parkers' Lighthouse (435 Shoreline Village Dr.) serves something called its Garlic Cheese Bread Burger and its unique and delicious enough to consider giving it a shot. It’s fairly simple–eight ounce, ground beef/brisket, tomato, house-made pickles–until they smother it with the topper: two slices of Parkers' delectable garlic cheese toast, oozing flavor all over the creation. If you still feel odd about not getting seafood, “Smash It” by adding a crab cake.



This beloved neighborhood bistro serves a wide swath of burgers, from bacon to black bean avocado veggie, turkey to vegan, cheddar to gorgonzola, but at some point you have to try out the Fritos Chili Cheddar Burger, which is exactly, thankfully, what it sounds like. The Crooked Duck (5096 Pacific Coast Hwy.) serves a 100% natural beef patty covered with Texas chili, caramelized onions, cheddar cheese and then, deep breath, a handful of crunchy Fritos chips. It’s crisp, it’s crunchy and every bite reveals a new explosion of flavor.


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