Your Friends + Sea Friends

Swim on over to the Aquarium of the Pacific. They have over 11,000 animals including a slew of new sea jellies to check out (perfect for an Instagram or two, you’re welcome). For added fun, a Behind the Scenes tour is worth the adventure of seeing where the magic happens. Looking for a bite to eat? The Aquarium of the Pacific has an excellent eatery called Café Scuba adjacent to their rooftop Veranda – the perfect place to enjoy your meal and take in the view.

If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous (or want to escape the hordes of children), stroll on down to Shoreline Village, full of options for everyone (I say this because I’m picky and I could go crazy here.) Don’t forget to pick up your whale watching ticket – you’ll see why in a paragraph or two.


Our choice for the day: 

If you’re like me and always save room for dessert check out Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt on the Boardwalk or the Funnel House. My personal favorite is The Funnel House’s customizable ice cream sandwiches (if they’re out of snickerdoodles for the sandwiches, it was me). 

Now that you are successfully in your food coma, it’s time to take out those whale watching tickets and hop aboard one of Harbor Breeze’s beautiful yachts to discover those gentle giants you kept hearing people ask the Aquarium employees why they didn’t have any.



Three hours go by...

Welcome back to the boardwalk, by now you’ve gone to the Aquarium, Shoreline Village, and embarked on a whale watching cruise, I bet your beyond tired, but alas you’re young, grab some drinks on Pine Avenue friend, you’ve done well! (P.S. Leave your car at the Aquarium and walk it’s good for you and saves several headaches and angry fights). 

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