Play & Stay on the Waterfront in Long Beach

Long Beach’s waterfront is a playground for all ages, and it always has been.

Day 1

Stop 1: Whale Watching

There are few experiences as rare and exhilarating as a sighting of a white, steam-like blow from a whale breaking the water’s surface for air as it migrates along California’s coastline. Gray whales frequent the Long Beach coast from December to May, and blue whales – the largest known mammals on Earth – are spotted from June to September, flapping their tails before slipping below the surface to dive for krill in deep underwater trenches. Harbor Breeze Cruises offers three-hour whale watching tours that leave from Rainbow Harbor in Downtown Long Beach, with Aquarium of the Pacific combo tickets available for those who would like to see more marine life.

Stop 2: Up Close at the Aquarium

Stop 3: Waterfront Dining

Stop 4: Shop & Stay

Day 2

Stop 5: Play on the Beach

The next morning, it’d be easy to spend the entire day sunbathing and playing at the Hyatt Centric’s rooftop pool with views of the Queen Mary and harbor, but if you’re feeling like getting out and about, the resort-like hotel is a short walking distance to the beach path, where Wheel Fun Rentals offers electric and pedal-powered bicycles and surreys for the family to cruise along the coast.

Stop 6: Dine & Explore

Stop 7: Play

Stop 8: Relax