Selfie Alert: 11 Cool Long Beach Murals to Instagram

Hitotzuki mural

Thanks to POW! WOW! Long Beach and several local mural festivals, there's a selfie backdrop around every corner. We listed a few of our favorites for you to check out on your next visit to Long Beach.

1.The Poacher

Artist: Dulk for Pow! Wow! Long Beach

What You'll See: This colorful mural will be sure to catch your eye as it illustrates a poacher with a bow and arrow (and an apple for a head) flying through the air on a toucan and aiming for sea creatures in the water. 

Where to Find It: "The Poacher" can be found in the parking lot located on the corner of Pine Avenue and E Seaside Way.

the poacher by dulk
Photo Credit: Dulk

2. Ball Pit Boy

Artist: Blue the Great

What You'll See: This mural depicts a boy wrapped up like a mummy relaxing in a colorful ball pit. 

Where to Find It: This mural exists on the corner of Pine Avenue and E Ocean Boulevard, right next to a large gray sculpture.

boy in ball pit mural
Photo Credit: Blue the Great

3. Optichromie For Long Beach

Artist: Felipe Pantone

What You'll See: This striking work of art features an array of colors and geometric shapes that make up a vibrant piece of public art.

Where to Find It: Find this mural behind Hotel Royal on N Frontenac Ct.

Felipe Pantone mural
Photo Credit: Pantone

4. Slick

Artist: 123Klan for Pow! Wow! Long Beach

What You'll See: This large red, white, and blue design displays a myriad of objects, including a spray paint can, a tiger with a halo, and a man with gold teeth.

Where to Find It: This mural is located on the side of THE LIBERTY at 435 Alamitos Avenue.

the slick by 123klan
Photo Credit: Pow! Wow! Long Beach

5. Untitled Mural for Pow! Wow! Long Beach

Artist: Cinta Vidal for Pow! Wow! Long Beach

What You'll See: This untitled artwork shows a clutter of furniture flying through the air as if in a tornado.

Where to Find It: Behind Atlantic Studio 425 on N Frontenac Ct.

Cinta Vidal mural
Photo Credit: Cinta Vidal

6. Untitled Mural by Dave Van Patten

Artist: Dave Van Patten

What You'll See: A collection of unique and historical figures are featured here. From a three-headed man to a walrus in a tie, this mural has it all.

Where to Find It: On the corner of E Broadway and N Frontenac Ct.

Dave Van Patten mural
Photo Credit: Dave Van Patten

7. Planet Bouquet


What You'll See: A unique design of blue flowers, shapes, and lines captivate those who walk by.

Where to Find It: On the side of the building at 228 East Broadway.

Hitotzuki mural
Photo Credit: HITOTZUKI​​

8. Sket One Wall

Artist: Sket One for Pow! Wow! Long Beach

What You'll See: A neon display of shapes, patterns, and a smiley face with its tongue sticking out.

Where to Find It: Inside the Pacific Gallery at the Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center.

sket one wall
Photo Credit: Sket One

9. Seabird Café Mural

Artist: Kevin Lyons for Pow! Wow! Long Beach

What You'll See: A mix of fruit and vegetables with faces occupy the side of the Seabird Cafe. 

Where to Find It: On the side of Seabird Café on 967 E 4th Street.

Kevin Lyons mural
Photo Credit: Kevin Lyons

10. The American Way

Artist: Tristan Eaton

What You'll See:  Historic American icons are on display in Eaton's mural.

Where to Find It: On the side of The Varden Hotel at 335 Pacific Avenue.

the american way mural
Photo Credit: Tristan Eaton

11. Pink Wall

Artist: Museum of Latina American Art (MOLAA)

What You'll See: A bright pink wall displays an oversized fork and knife  with worn, engraved imagery.

Where to Find It: This mural can be found in the Sculpture Garden at MOLAA, located at 628 Alamitos Avenue.

molaa pink wall
Photo Credit: @angiemarisol on Instagram
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