Top 10 Instagrammable Spots at the Long Beach Convention Center

Top 10 Instagrammable Spots at the Long Beach Convention Center

We know that as event planners, you hope that attendees get so excited about an event that they share tons of photos. Whether it’s a cool wall display, a unique food dish, a pretty cocktail, a decorated corner, etc.

 As long as they are enjoying the event and sharing their excitement with others, then you’re happy! Well, the Long Beach Convention Center is the perfect place for you to hold your event! We’ve gathered our Top 10 Most Instagrammable Spots around our venue that is sure to catch the attention of social media users at your event. Here are some of our favorite photogenic places around our facility:

Palm Tree Runway

Practice your strut because you’ll definitely want to show it off when you walk down this palm-lined sidewalk. Find this “runway” just off of the Promenade Plaza on Pine Ave.

Promenade Plaza

Whether it’s the colorful banners or the patterned walkway that catches your eye, the Promenade Plaza is camera-ready!

Pod chairs in the Promenade

These pod chairs are not only the perfect place to take a minute to yourself or to connect with others, but the space-like design makes for a fantastic spot for a mini photoshoot. Find them in the Promenade at the entrance across from the Hyatt.

White scaled wall in the Promenade

Located inside the Promenade, this white scaled wall adds the perfect amount of texture that will surely draw in followers.

Rainbow Bridge

This bridge is much more than just a connector from one side of the convention center to the other. The architecture, lighting, and greenery make this bridge (day or night) a must for Instagrammers’ feeds.

Terrace Theater Rainbow Yarn

It doesn’t need to rain in order for us to see a rainbow at the Long Beach Convention Center. Our Terrace Theater Lobby features this beautiful rainbow yarn installation that will give Instagram feeds a colorful pop!

Terrace Plaza Fountain

Boomerangs, anyone?! This dancing fountain performs multiple times throughout the day, but when the sun goes down and the LED lights turn on it’s hard not to take a photo/video of the show.

Murals in The Cove

The Cove boasts three Pow! Wow! Long Beach murals, plus two on the outer corners of the parking garage. We love them all, but Jeff Soto’s owl eyes always captures our attention.

Sket One mural

This Pow! Wow! Long Beach mural is located inside the Pacific Gallery (also known as the arena entrance). How could anyone not be drawn into this fun, colorful mural?!

Long Beach Arena

No, this is not the Aquarium of the Pacific! This ocean-themed mural actually covers the outside of our arena and serves as a great background for fashionistas.

Instagrammable Add-On

Photo Credit: Instagram User @keely.d.smith

Want to add another Instagrammable element to your event at the Long Beach Convention Center? Our donut wall captures the eye and stomach of event attendees instantly!

We can't wait to see your own take on these Instagrammable spots at our convention center! Don't forget to tag us @LBConventionCtr & #LBConventionCtr

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