Top 10 Instagrammable Spots at the Long Beach Convention Center

Between cool wall displays, unique food dishes, pretty cocktails, and perfectly decorated hang-out spots, the Long Beach Convention Center is perfect for your next event's photo-op needs.

1. Palm Tree Runway

2. Promenade Plaza

3. White Scaled Wall in the Promenade

4. Pod Chairs in the Promenade

These pod chairs are not only the perfect place to take a minute to yourself or to connect with others, but the space-like design makes for a fantastic spot for a mini photoshoot. Find them in the Promenade at the entrance across from the Hyatt.

5. Rainbow Bridge

6. Terrace Theater Rainbow Yarn

7. Terrace Plaza Fountain

8. Murals in The Cove

9. Sket One mural

10. Long Beach Arena

Bonus: Instagrammable Add-On

Want to add another Instagrammable element to your event at the Long Beach Convention Center? Our donut wall captures the eye and stomach of event attendees instantly!

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