MeetinLB Attendee To-Do List

Long Beach Meetings

Whether or not it’s your first visit to our city, make sure you check off the must-sees & must-dos during your visit to Long Beach! Here are our suggestions:

1. Visit the Queen Mary 

We’re not saying you need to sign up for an official tour of the ship, (even though it’s really worth it to hear the fascinating history of this world-renowned vessel) but definitely pay a visit to our Queen. There’s free admission to the ship after 6pm (some exceptions) & there’s almost always something going on! From their monthly comedy nights, Ships & Giggles, to their Local Band Hangouts, special holiday events, and Sunday Champagne Brunches, you’re guaranteed a unique visit to the ship. 

2. Explore the Pacific Ocean at our Aquarium

With more than 11,000 animals on display, the Aquarium Of The Pacific is one of our favorite afternoon pastimes. Don’t skip out on feeding the lorikeets; it’s so much fun! You can even sign up for a behind-the-scenes tour to learn more about the aquarium’s conservation & rehabilitation efforts. 

3. Attend a Comedy Show

Whether is Ships & Giggles, the Laugh Factory or a show at the Long Beach Terrace Theater, we highly recommend fitting comedy into your schedule. Should you choose to check out the Laugh Factory, invite the whole group, they’ve got 500 seats to fill!

4. Photo Opp at the Lighthouse

One of the most scenic spots in the city, the Lions Lighthouse for Sight is located overlooking the Rainbow Bay and can be accessed by a short walk from Shoreline Village, not to be confused with Parkers’ Lighthouse which is an excellent lunch or dinner option! Rent a bike a follow the bike/pedestrian path down from the lighthouse & into Belmont Shore if you have an open afternoon.

5. Enjoy a Local Brew

Long Beach is home to a booming local craft beer community with dozens of award winning breweries within our downtown and beyond. Find our more about our craft brew scene here

6. Eat Seafood

We’re the only city with a waterfront downtown between San Francisco & San Diego, so you better believe we’ve got plenty of fresh seafood options! Order the fish tacos, crab cakes, or salmon at some point during your visit! 

7. Have a Drink at a Speakeasy

That’s right! There’s a speakeasy located on the bottom floor of The Federal in downtown Long Beach. Ask one of the bartenders for the password & enjoy a drink in an old bank vault!

8. Rent a Bike

We mentioned the bike/pedestrian path before, but we forgot to tell you that’s it runs along the beach! Rent a bike for an enjoyable day. Long Beach is so easily accessible by foot or bike that we usually recommend skipping the car rental & enjoying our SoCal weather. For a unique experience, try out an electic bike or a surrey!

9. Get on the Water

You can’t really say you visited Long Beach unless you spend some time on the water. There’s something for everyone & workable with any schedule. You can rent a kayak or stand-up paddleboard; reserve a Gondola Getaway cruise through our Naples Canals; take a water taxi from Downtown to Belmont Shore, the Queen Mary, or Hotel Maya; go whale watching with Harbor Breeze Cruises; rent a duffy, jet skis, or a water bike!

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