Whats New in Long Beach for Meetings and Events

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New meeting spaces, upgraded WI-FI and entertainment improvements underscore Long Beach's enhancements & innovations.

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Upgraded Wi-Fi & Technology

The Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center has become one of the first mid-sized centers with a wireless network rivaling the largest convention centers in the country. “Long Beach is proud to offer the best network experience of any boutique-size convention center,” says Steve Goodling, President and CEO of the Long Beach Area Convention and Visitor’s Bureau. As Long Beach continues to book more Millennial groups like Agenda, Complexcon, and Twitchcon, these high-tech attendees will find Long Beach “Powered-Up!”

The core technological equipment at The Center was just replaced May 2017 with the most advanced wireless system available in order to create a network capable of handling the needs of all major tradeshows and special events at The Center. The new system will increase the capabilities of the wireless network ten-fold, from 1Gbps to 10Gbps on primary and redundant circuits. This overhaul will also increase the number of simultaneous devices supported on the network by more than 350%. After the upgrades, the network can now handle more than 25,000 devices at one time. More than 200 new wireless access points throughout The Center will allow for higher density connectivity and enhanced network performance.

the cove in long beach

The Cove

The newest venue at the Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center is The Cove. Officially opened in July 2017, The Cove is perfect for pre-function receptions, concerts, and parties and allows for special catering setups and even food truck events. 

The special event space occupies the area in front of the Seaside Meeting Rooms below the Terrace Theater. Six crystal chandeliers hang from the concrete ceiling over the entryway giving the area an aura of urban elegance for arriving guests. The concrete pillars, walls, and ceiling of the underpass are decorated with special light fixtures designed to look like barnacles, fabricated by the same designers who worked on Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. Decorative starfish and other marine motifs adorn the ceiling, walls, and pillars, while vivid arrays of more than 110 LED stage and pinpoint lights provide customizable lighting schemes to suit any planner’s imagination. The total effect is an under-the-pier fantasy scene.

rainbow bridge long beach

Rainbow Bridge

Our new pedestrian bridge mimics a breaking wave in design and is illuminated by thousands of customizable LED lights, both inside the canopy and the underbelly of the structure, affording a more pleasurable walk between the Pine Avenue Long Beach Convention Center entrance and the Performing Arts Center theaters, Seaside Meeting Rooms, and the Long Beach Arena.

The elevated Rainbow Bridge will carry pedestrians east above Seaside Way to the Terrace Plaza, significantly reducing the walking time between locations. Its lighted canopy will produce a starry sky effect with custom lighting capabilities. With over 3,000 customizable LED lights and immersive landscaping, the bridge is more than just a walkway; it's a beautifully artistic and colorful addition to our downtown cityscape and the Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center.

lighting and sound for meetings

Lighting & Sound Systems on the Terrace Plaza

The completely renovated and re-landscaped Terrace Theater Plaza is becoming the hottest ticket in town for memorable special events.  Cocktail receptions, buffet and sit down dinners become elegant outdoor affairs under Long Beach’s sunny skies or the Plaza’s dazzling displays of colorful LED lighting.

With the Plaza’s array of LED lights, evening events can enjoy an endlessly changing kaleidoscope of color schemes, including corporate colors and logos. Brand-new built-in lighting and sound capabilities significantly reduce costs for meeting and event planners! If your event needs indoor space as well, add on the elegant and beautifully decorated Terrace Theater Lobby, with its impressive main staircase and stylish architecture. Featuring new, breathtaking chandeliers from renowned designer, Hudson Furniture, the Terrace Theater Lobby is a stunning backdrop for any event. 

long beach fountains

Terrace Theater Plaza Fountains

This year, the Terrace Theater Plaza fountains are undergoing a full renovation! When completed, the new fountains will be programmable with lights and music similar to a mini-Venetian water display. Stay tuned for updates! 

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