Guide to Long Beach Food Pop-Ups

Food pop-ups are all the rage in Long Beach these days. An alternative to traditional restaurants and fast food dining, they offer convenience, variety, and friendly customer service — and great opportunities to explore the city!

Breakfast Dreams

If breakfast sammies are your jam, hurry on over to Breakfast Dreams. Born out of the pandemic and inspired by smash burgers, each sandwich is made with love, and an iconic fried egg oozing from the middle. This is what [breakfast] dreams are made of. Visit their Instagram account @breakfast_dreams and check their bio for upcoming pop-up dates.

Lowkey Burritos

Their colorful and spicy burritos are small enough to fit in your hand but are guaranteed to fill your stomach. Lowkey Burritos' most popular feature is their fried cheese coating. Lowkey, everyone is trying to get one—so show up early and get in line! To find out where Lowkey Burritos will be posted next, visit their Instagram account @lowkey_burritos.

Bluff Heights Bakery

This place is proof that food trucks are not just for tacos anymore. From blueberry lattice pies to traditional cakes and cupcakes, Bluff Heights Bakery does it all — and they deliver in a bright green VW bus! Keep an eye out for their upcoming pop-ups on their Instagram account, @bluffheightsbakery.

Hamburgers Nice

Some have sugar, some have spice, but either way, these burgers are everything nice! Whether you're looking for one of their famous breakfast burgers, made with a donut for a bun, or one of their more traditional burgers, you can't go wrong with Hamburgers Nice. You can find Hamburgers Nice in Long Beach every Tuesday, but we recommend checking their IG (@hamburgersnice) first for their most up-to-date schedule.


Cafablanca is a donation-based, social justice-focused mobile espresso cart that's popping up around southern California. Coffee with a cause! Their pop-up's letterboard is always featuring a new message. If you weren't already woke from the coffee, you will be from their messaging. They currently don't have a set pop-up schedule, but their favorite places to set up are the Broadway bar Black LBC (1800 E Broadway), the Junipero Beach parking lot, and the corner of Ocean and Junipero. Visit their Instagram account (@cafablanca) to learn more!

Flaccos Tacos

Flaccos Tacos is best known for their cheesey-crusted tacos, burritos, and quesadillas. If you're looking for a great deal on some amazing food, Flaccos Tacos is waiting for you. Check out their Instagram (@flaccostacos) to see where they'll be set up next!

Lobo Cuban Food

Yes, vegans can dine pop-ups too. For colorful and creative plant-based food with a Cuban twist, head to Lobo Cuban Food. Make sure to visit their Instagram account (@lobocubanfood) to see where they'll pop-up next!

Junkies LBC

Enjoy plant-based versions of all your food truck favorites at Junkies LBC pop-ups: tacos, burgers, and more! Junkies LBC can often be found in Downtown Long Beach right outside of The Pie Bar and Daily Dose, as well as The Hawk bar. To get your vegan junkfood fix, check out their Instagram (@junkieslbc) to see where they'll pop-up next!