Cuisine Scene: Latin American

If South of the Border cuisine suggests only Mexican dishes to you, allow Long Beach’s full menu of restaurants serving Central and South American fare to widen your world view and palate. Check out some of the city’s most exciting, delicious and beloved eateries from this region.


Selva (4137 Anaheim St.) has made a name for serving amazing Colombian-inspired dishes, and doing it in an atmosphere that feeds a feeling of family, friendship, and community. The majority of Selva’s menu features small plates and shareable entrees served family style. Everything from soft, cheesy buñuelos, juicy beef skewers, an incredible rice and beans dish stewed with pork and, what is becoming its signature, smoked chicken with aji salsa.



There isn’t a friendlier, more welcoming restaurant in the city. Honduras Kitchen (1909 E Fourth St), located just a block from the epicenter of Retro Row, is known for its fantastic take on the baleada–thick, pillowy flour tortillas stuffed with refried beans, Honduran cream mantequilla and cheese–as well as its San Pedro Sula, a fried plantain slit down the center and stuffed with beef picadillo, cheese and drizzled with Honduran mantequilla.



Casa Chaskis (2380 Santa Fe Ave) is a Peruvian restaurant that makes such traditional favorites as lomo saltado–steak sauteed with onions and tomatoes served over deliciously drenched fries–and their much beloved Chaskis Shrimp Scampi, served with a spicy cream sauce. The restaurant boasts an onsite vegetable garden, complete with a functional beehive, where produce like lettuce, kale, broccoli, and onions are grown for use in the kitchen.


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