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It’s not surprising that Long Beach, a city renowned for a diverse, forward thinking dining culture, would offer a mouth-watering array of fusion cuisine. From California/Asian to Indian/Mexican, French/Thai to Japanese/Peruvian, and a whole lot of other delicious marriages of ingredients and styles, this is one city that really loves to mix it up.


This downtown breakfast and lunch spot has a menu developed by chefs classically trained in France and Thailand. Their menu has featured such offerings as Matcha pancakes, smoked salmon curry eggs benedict and lasagna with green curry beef. Arize Bistro’s (306 Elm Ave.) hot Asian omelet is infused with Thai spices and herbs, partnered with ham, sausage and cheese. Create a fusion all your own by ordering traditional, spicy chicken and waffles and pairing it with a sweet Thai iced tea.



Appu’s Cafe (3816 Woodruff Ave.), ranked nationally in Yelp’s Top 25, serves some of the most delicious, exciting and beloved food around. Its Indian/Mexican fusion menu is perhaps best known for the Maharaja Burrito, a vegetarian offering filled with turmeric rice, saneer paneer chunks, lentils and mushrooms, which has been named the best burrito in the state. You can get a vegan version called The Maharani.



Michelin recommended Sushi Nikkei (3819 Atlantic Ave./5020 Second St.) offers an intriguing concept: Peruvian style sushi. Its creative menu offers familiar though intriguing options such as Peruvian ceviche with diced sea bass, sweet potato puree in tiger milk and aji amarilo sauce. There are all manner of nigiri and creative rolls offered in a casual atmosphere. A second location in Belmont Shore was opened not long after the initial restaurant opened in Bixby Knolls.

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