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People feel strongly about their burritos. Like with its cousin, tacos, as well as pizza and burgers, people form strong opinions and attachments to this Mexican mainstay. So, you will find all sorts of burrito styles all over Long Beach, ranging from traditional to fusion to French fries, all of them with their passionate proponents. Here are five of the city’s most beloved burritos.

MOLE BURRITO, Lola’s Mexican Cuisine

Lola’s Mexican Cuisine (2030 E Fourth St/4140 Atlantic Ave) made its name in part due to its amazing mole. Its Mole Burrito comes with grilled chicken, garlicky whole beans, toasted sesame seeds and pickled red onions, but it's the rich, layered traditional sauces that envelope the dish and dazzle your taste buds. Lola’s allows you to choose from three moles–Negro, Poblano, or Verde de Oaxaca.



Given the name of this long popular Belmont Shore spot, it’s not unexpected that they would produce a terrific seafood burrito. Taco Shore (5316 E 2nd St), which serves as a wonderful hangout combining traditional Mexican fare with new age fusion, grills shrimp and combines it with rice, pinto beans, sauteed onion, bell pepper and tomato, then covers the whole thing in salsa verde, Baja sauce and cheese.

CALIFORNIA BURRITO, Taqueria La Mexicana

MAHARAJA BURRITO, Appu’s Turmeric Cafe

Appu’s Turmeric Cafe’s (3816 Woodruff Ave/ 2211A Palo Verde Ave) unique Indian-Mexican fusion menu features lots of great dishes, foremost being the Maharaja Burrito, a vegetarian take filled with turmeric rice, chunks of saag paneer, lentils and mushrooms. There’s a vegan version called the Maharani. How good is the Maharaja? Not that long ago it was judged the best burrito in the state, given its stellar Yelp reviews, some of which said it was a “MUST” to order.

Surprised not to find a single breakfast burrito on this list?

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