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Comfort food comes in all forms, from all types of cuisines containing all types of ingredients. Uniting it all is its ability to both excite and soothe, to offer both fun and substance, to beckon us back to the past while making us grateful to share the present moment. Whether eaten alone or with others–for breakfast, lunch or dinner–here are a few of the best known, best loved, most comforting dishes in Long Beach.


The warm, buttery benevolence of Grandma’s Cornbread at The Attic (3441 E. Broadway) is brought to the table in a cast iron skillet–golden brown with a flaky crust, a dollop of butter and drizzling of honey in its middle. Though it presents as a pie or cobbler, its sweetness is accompanied by savory hints of bacon. The only thing not comfortable about this dish is the spirited debate as to whether it’s an appetizer, dessert or side dish.

GUMBO, Sal’s Gumbo Shack

SAGANAKI, George’s Greek On Second

If you’ve walked by George’s Greek On Second (5316 E Second St.) and wondered why there were shouts of “Opa!” it was for this cheesy gem. The traditional Greek appetizer consists of kasseri cheese fried in a small pan, doused in brandy and flambéed at the table eliciting the joyous response: “Opa!” At that point, the cheese is gooey, golden and savory, pairing well with not only pita, but a nice glass of wine, beer and, most importantly, those you’ll share it with.



This classic Lebanese dish is one of the most popular offerings at one of the most popular restaurants in the city. Open Sesame (5215 2nd St) starts by roasting potatoes until crispy, then tossing them in cilantro, garlic and roasted chili before finishing with lemon juice squeezed over the entire delicious amalgam. Crispy yet soft, spicy but also savory with a hint of sour, they are so warming and delicious that, for many, they are the main dish.

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