Block & Stroll: Broadway and Redondo

The 3400 block of Broadway, just east of Redondo Avenue in Belmont Heights, offers an amazing concentration of destination shops, bars and eateries. Here you’ll find businesses that have stood the test of time while winning the hearts of locals and visitors alike. In the span of just a few strides, you can spend the better part of a day here, eating, drinking, shopping, discovering. Here’s what you’ll be happy to find. On Broadway.



The unquestioned anchor of the area, this Michelin recommended restaurant has an avid and loyal following. The Attic (3441 E Broadway) has built its fanbase through its popular brunch and sophisticated takes on comfort food, most famously its Mac & Cheetos as well as glorious cornbread that is so decadent, many have it for dessert. Housed in a converted 1920s craftsman home, The Attic has a relaxed neighborhood vibe that makes it an absolute must-go.


Having recently celebrated 30 years on Broadway, Iguana Import Gallery (3440 E Broadway) is one of the stores where you never know what to expect and find it impossible to leave while finding out. Folk art, textiles, stationery, jewelry, clothing, leatherwork, and rustic, reclaimed hardwood furniture are some of what you’ll encounter. So is the fragrance of sage, incense and handmade scented candles that lend to a feeling that is both restorative and exciting.


The Library Coffeehouse (3418 E Broadway) is a comforting mish mash of books, sofas, easy chairs, tables and books, books, books. Beloved by readers, writers, students and just about any frazzled human looking for a calm corner to call their own, The Library not only serves terrific coffee and tea but has wonderful food, including delicious pastries. Comfortable and cozy, it’s a wonderfully thrown together world to escape into.


The Firkin Pub & Grill (3411 E Broadway) mixes an old school bar interior with a rustic outdoor space to create the kind of warm environs–including an everyday-but-Sunday Happy Hour–that make for a welcoming spot for you, your friends, and even your pup. A popular place for a drink or a meal with traditional pub fare as well as vegan options, it’s also a great place to watch sports, with 16 HD TVs both indoors and outdoors.


As famous as any Long Beach watering hole, the Reno Room (3400 E Broadway) has been around for three quarters of a century providing a dark and welcoming spot for sailors and students, dock workers and writers, most famously, Charles Bukowski. It still has a vibe where one can talk business while still minding their own. You can have great drinks at great prices–especially during its daily happy hour–as well as order terrific Mexican cuisine delivered to you from Cocorenos next door.

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