Coffee Shops

5 Coffee Shops Not to Miss in Long Beach

One thing I had my eye out for when I was in Long Beach was coffee. My favorite part of travel is hopping into local coffee shops, brushing shoulders with locals, and getting to feel the heartbeat of the city. I was really excited to see the up-and-coming coffee scene in Long Beach — some new, and some long time staples in the area. Each coffee shop had a different feel to it, some being more of a cafe, and others a neighborhood hangout. After trying multiple cappuccinos, iced lattes, and cold-brews, it was safe to say I was highly caffeinated.

1. Cuppa Cuppa

A newer spot in the neighborhood, this place has a great patio with a small menu in addition to the great coffee. The outfit is modern, sleek, and warm.

2. Berlin Bistro

Though it is a full sit down cafe, there’s a coffee shop as well inside. I sat down for a weekend brunch, and watched many people walk up to the coffee bar to get a cup to go. I love how it’s next to a record store, so you can hop over and browse records with a cup of coffee in hand.