Cuisine Scene: Eggs Benedict

Next to Mimosas, brunch’s most popular menu item just may be Eggs Benedict. In Long Beach, where we take brunch seriously–very seriously–you can find not only lots of places serving Benedicts, but also doing it in deliciously unique ways. Check out these amazing and creative takes on an iconic dish.


As you’d expect from a restaurant well known for redefining familiar dishes–i.e. its amazing Mac & Cheetos–The Attic (3441 E Broadway) has presented more than its share of unique Benedict takes. There’s been a Chicken Fried Steak Benedict, a Fried Green Tomato Benedict and a Surf and Turf Benedict. More recently, there’s been the Up Country Benedict, a Southern fried combination of grits cake, smoked pork, and shrimp along with the usual egg and hollandaise suspects.



The Breakfast Bar (70 Atlantic Ave/3404 E Fourth St) gives off decidedly family vibes. Not only is it owned by a brother and sister, but many of its most popular breakfast items are named after family members. There’s Uncle Marcee’s Omelet Casserole as well as Eggs Noni and Eggs Papi served Benedict style on grilled house rosemary sourdough. Each version comes with poached eggs, tomato and is topped with a spicy hollandaise. The Papi comes with a choice of bacon, sausage ham or soy chorizo.



One of the city’s treasured brunch spots. Located on the campus of the Long Beach Museum of Art, looking out over the ocean, Claire’s at the Museum (2300 E Ocean Blvd) has an evolving menu that changes with the seasons and always contains a version of Eggs Benedict. In the past there have been the likes of a California Avocado Benedict, a Prosciutto Eggs Benedict and, more recently they’ve offered a classic version.

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