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Musica Angelica is led by Music Director Martin Haselböck, the internationally renowned organist, conductor, and composer. For over twenty three years, Musica Angelica has been bringing the thrill of musical discovery to Southern California audiences. Whether uncovering forgotten gems or giving new life to cherished masterworks, our musicians our musicians delight in delivering uplifting performances, imparting an infectious enthusiasm, and yes, they play those wonderful period instruments. Musica Angelica’s players stand at the forefront of HIP (Historically Informed Performance), using instruments that closely match the repertoire we perform; gut strings and lighter baroque bows, woodwinds with few keys, brass with no valves, harpsichords and lutes, all join to provide the rich tapestry of seventeenth and eighteenth century sounds that makes the repertoire come alive and the emotions of the past touch us directly. It is not only the instruments, of course, but the commitment and dedication by our musicians to historical scholarship that, together with sparkling virtuosity, set this group apart.