Celebrate Saṅkrānta in Long Beach

Once again, Saṅkrānta, the New Year’s celebration observed throughout much of Southeast Asia, will be officially celebrated in Long Beach on Saturday, April 6, at Long Beach City College’s Pacific Coast Campus.

Attendees to this free event, which takes place from 9AM to 10PM at LBCC Pacific Coast Campus (1305 E Pacific Coast Hwy), can also look forward to traditional dances and for families, there will be activities specifically designed for kids, including traditional new year’s games.

“It’s a New Year’s celebration, so we’re going to celebrate ... This is a way to expose our cultures to the broader community and to do it in a way that appeals to all types of people, as well as all ages.” - Councilwoman Suely Saro

Saro, the first Cambodian American elected to office in Long Beach, said it was important to her and those she partnered with to organize an event that would display the community’s exceptional diversity and inclusivity. To that end, the celebration will include diverse performers and food offerings as well as merchandise vendors, all of it meant to highlight the cultural contributions of so many local communities to Saṅkrānta.

Take a Sneak Peak:

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