Post-Party Food in Long Beach

Sometimes the events of a previous evening–particularly those having to do with eating and drinking–need to be addressed immediately the following morning. Times like this demand serious action of the guilty pleasure/greasy goodness prescription. Here are some of Long Beach’s most revitalizing, regenerative and generally yummy dishes.

THE WEASEL, Chuck’s Coffee Shop

The Weasel at Chuck’s Coffee Shop (4120 E. Ocean Blvd.) is likely the best-known dish in the city. This scrambled egg covered in chili concoction is renowned for its deliciousness and utility–Cal State Long Beach students value it as a great antidote to a late night. The Weasel is indicative of Chuck’s unpretentious vibe and menu, one that includes the Trash Can Burrito–ground beef, refried beans, cheese, chili–as well as Chuck’s Special Hash.

VEGAN HANGOVER RAMEN, Sura Korean BBQ & Tofu House


The title of Best Breakfast Burritos in Long Beach is highly contested, but many locals swear by the burritos at Jerry’s Place (1537 E 4th St). And there’s plenty to swear by as Jerry’s offers an impressive flight of burritos, the egg, cheese and hashbrowns combined with a choice of bacon or chorizo–their two most popular–as well as others with the likes of Polish sausage, chilaquiles, pork chops as well as–and this is real–the pancake breakfast burrito!


CHILI CHEESE FRIES, Sideburns by The Stache

A recent addition to The Stache, one of the city’s oldest and most popular bars, most of Sideburns’ (941 E Fourth St) menu would qualify for this recuperative mission, unsurprising since it’s inspired by fare you’d find in Midwest drinkeries. Along with the excellent and delicious chili cheese fries–a vegan version is available–you can partake in poutine and cheese curds, along with beer brats and buttermilk fried chicken sandwiches.

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