Play Pickleball in Long Beach

Pickleball has quickly become a net alternative to tennis and is poised to do as much with golf, i.e. be seen as a pleasurable and effective way to conduct and grow business away from the office or convention center floor. There are reasons for this–most of them fun–so here’s a few ways a paddle can help improve your racket.



The culture of pickleball is not only open to newcomers, but also to single players or doubles partners looking for a game against another pair. Most courts have set ups designed to welcome anyone new or from out of town, making it a sport especially welcoming to the business traveler. For many players, the social nature of the game is its biggest draw. Also, the inclusiveness. Courts typically include players of all genders, ages and experience levels.



Because the sport is played on a relatively small court where players stand just a few feet from each other, play and conversation tend to flow. Imagine if you’re working toward building a stronger bond within your company team or looking to make a connection with a potential business partner, the game allows you to do this naturally, while having a great time. “You see it all the time,” Mackie said. “Because you don’t really tire out, there’s a lot of opportunities between games to connect. A lot of time to talk business.”

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