Long Beach Holiday Parades

Long Beach is so fond of the holidays that the city is home to not one, not two, but three distinct and very popular Christmas parades – celebrations that wind through popular business districts, historic neighborhoods and charming canals. Here’s where and when Long Beach will be marching to its Christmas beat!


For many Long Beach residents, this event signals the beginning of the Christmas season. Now in its 38th year, it has grown significantly over the years. Beginning at Livingston Avenue and headed to Bayshore Avenue, the parade, which takes place Saturday, December 3, takes a full three hours to get to all the bands, floats, vintage cars, personalities and, of course, Santa and his elves. One of the largest holiday parades in the region, the theme of this year’s parade is “Christmas at the Movies,” fitting since Long Beach has a long history of being a favorite location for Hollywood productions, including a lot of holiday fare such as “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.” The Belmont Shore Christmas Parade takes place from 6-9 p.m, with streets closing at 5 p.m. No chairs or personal items will be allowed on sidewalks, center medians or roped off areas until 5 p.m. A strict no-alcohol policy will be enforced by the Long Beach Police Department.

Belmont Shore Christmas Parade


Believe it or not, this event has been going on twice as long as the Belmont Shore Parade. Yep, this will be the 76th time that holiday decorated boats and watercraft will wind their way through the romantic canals of one of Long Beach’s most desirable neighborhoods. Everyone loves the boat parade because it offers the excitement and festive decorations in the water below, but holiday cheer also emanates in the brightly and creatively decorated homes all along the canals. The Naples Boat Parade takes place December 10 at 6 pm, with large boats leading the way, followed later by smaller craft. After the parade, and just any day up until New Year’s, Naples is simply one of the most popular places for families, friends, couples and first dates to stroll while checking out all the bulbs and beauty.

Credit: Happily Bearded After


Another old-timer with a lot of kick to it, the folks on Daisy Lane have been offering one of the most popular parades in the city for the last 68 years. It’s a unique community event with lots of bright lights and decorations, holiday displays and nativity scenes, and a whole lot of joy for the whole family. The parade will return to its historic format this year, and will take place on Saturday, December 10, starting at 5 pm. The Daisy Lane Parade began in 1953 as the brainchild of Gertrude Whittle, who worked with the Long Beach City Council and Council of Churches to help decorate the grass median on Daisy Avenue with a Christmas Village and nativity scene. Today, the parade is organized and run by the Wrigley Area Neighborhood Alliance and Maria Norvell, who is fondly known as the Mother of Christmas Tree Lane.

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