Long Beach Bookstores: Read All About It

Books not only afford us the opportunity for new knowledge and greater insight, but allow us to slow down and exit the superhighway that is modern life–at least for a little while. Long Beach, a city with a rich literary tradition, is blessed with a wealth of independent and distinctive bookstores, offering everything from comics to classics, new and used. Here are some of the city’s most beloved local spots ready to help you turn the page on a brand new you.


A great addition to the city’s literary scene, Casita (1440 E. Fourth St.), as the name suggests, is located in a charming little home that looks like something you might find in a magical woods. Large windows let in lots of natural light into its one room. Shelves are stocked with children’s and young adult books, as well as adult fiction, Spanish-language literature and cookbooks. The lighting is warm, the atmosphere calm and there are comfortable nooks to curl up with your new good book.



This much loved, north Long Beach shop is well-ordered and well-known for stocking some of the world’s great literature. There was a time when Gatsby (5535 E. Spring St.) sold used books exclusively, but its many shelves are now stocked with new and used alike.A great place to lose one’s self looking for that just right book, the staff is always willing to help. That connection explains why people often return, some have even chosen Gatsby to be the site of their wedding.



Located at the front of The Hangout, Bel Canto Books (2122 E. Fourth St.) features a highly curated selection of fiction, nonfiction and children’s books organized a monthly theme, with a special emphasis on books by women and people of color. One of its unique and popular features is a book concierge program that makes personalized book recommendations based on a person’s personal and reading history.


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