Dogs’ Day Out

Dogs. They’re loyal, loving, a true joy to be around. They comfort us when we’re down and are the first to sense, and celebrate, our happiness. Do we deserve them? Probably not. But we can show them how much we love and appreciate them in so many ways around Long Beach. At parks and with menus made especially for them, on walks or shopping sprees, you can let any day go to the dogs, and that’s as good as it gets.

With a high concentration of pooch-welcoming restaurant patios and nearly a dozen dedicated dog parks – plus, a dog beach – Long Beach is the perfect place for a day out with your furry friend. Read on and plan your “ultimutt” day for the dogs!

Stop 1: Bark on the Beach

Bringing your furry friend to this four-acre stretch of sand in Belmont Shore–on Ocean Boulevard between Granada and Roycroft avenues–is a great way to start the day. Of course, letting your dog frolic off-leash, making friends in the sand and splashing with you in the water, is great at sunset or middle of the day. Basically, it’s awesome, any time. Rosie’s Dog Beach lays claim to being Los Angeles County’s only legal dog beach. Pups are allowed off-leash while there, but are required to be on-leash once off. Also, though scoopers and bags are usually provided, visitors are encouraged to pack their own.

Stop 1A: Pooches in the Park

If you can’t get to the beach but still want to let your dog scamper, Long Beach has you way covered, all over town. Here’s are a list of no less than 10, that’s right, 10 dog parks in the city:

Bixby Dog Park (130 Cherry Ave.)
Coolidge Dog Park (352 Neece Ave.)
El Dorado Dog Park (7550 E. Spring St.)
Gayle Carter Dog Park (4600 Long Beach Blvd.)
Jackson Dog Park (1432 Jackson St.)
K9 Corner Dog Park (906 Pacific Ave.)
Pike Park Dog Park (195 W. Seaside Way)
Recreation Dog Park (5201 E. Seventh St.)
Seaside Dog Zone (450 E. Seaside Way)
Wrigley Heights Dog Park (3401 Golden Ave.)

Stop 2: Snacks!

Looking to recharge after all the fun? Just a few blocks away from Rosie’s Dog Beach is The Dog Bakery (4818 Second St.), a bright, colorful shop where the centerpiece is a traditional baker’s display case featuring all-natural baked treats that look like doughnuts and cupcakes, as well as bone-shaped birthday cakes. There are “Woof Cream Pie,” grain-free “Barking Brownies” and other delectables to replenish your dog. The Dog Bakery also has a room that can be reserved for canine birthday parties. Happy Woof Day!

If you and your pup have been playing a bit more inland, perhaps at Recreation Park, head over to PJ’s Pet Cafe (3412 E. Seventh St.) for that well-deserved treat. PJs also has snacks and baked goods made without salt or preservatives. They also offer such savory treats as potato chips and beef jerky as well as doggie daycare facilities.

Recently opened in the 2ND & PCH retail center, Woofpak is a pet kitchen featuring all manner of yummy snacks and wellness treats. Beside its own bakery and chew items, Woofpak also features Meal Toppers like Poke Bowls, Chicken Pot Pie and Hawaiian BBQ. It also offers a line of calming, hemp-based, bites, chews, oils and peanut butter.

If you and your buddy have taken it downtown, run by The Pie Bar (450 Pine Ave.) where you can get them a bag of Pet Pie Bites, featuring all natural pumpkin–no sugar, spice or salt–baked into their already delicious pie crusts. And while you’re at it, grab a slice yourself. They usually have upwards of a dozen to choose from.

Stop 3: Walkies!

Stop 4: Restaurants

Long Beach has too many to mention restaurants, eateries, cafes, bistros, etc., that qualify as dog-friendly, in that they allow dogs to hang outside with owners as they dine or drink alfresco. (Many times, they’ll bring a bowl of water and perhaps a little treat for your companion.) But there are some local restaurants that go the extra step of offering an actual doggie menu.

The Attic, famous for its fresh takes on Southern comfort food, has a sizeable outdoor dining area where dogs are not only welcome, but offered just such a menu, with a bowl of chicken and rice being a rather popular choice.

Panxa Cocina, well known for its progressive take on New Mexican cuisine has become a favorite with local dog parents for a $5 Doggy Menu featuring sweet potato mix and, the popular vegan black beans and brown rice.

East Village Art District’s Berlin Bistro, not only offers farm-to-table delights for humans but a Bow Wow Dog Menu with grilled chicken breast, bacon and more.

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