Cuisine Scene: Cider

Cider, the kind enjoyed by grownups, can be sweet and it can be dry. In Long Beach, it can be enjoyed all over, in a ciderworks devoted to its creation–as well as to having a good time–and at breweries in the company of some great food.


Long Beach’s first dedicated cidery, Ficklewood Ciderworks (720 E Broadway) creates ciders from unique, botanical infusions, constructing dry ciders with pure, blended ingredients and a natural fermentation process that elevates flavor. It’s also a fun, family-friendly place to hang. Located downtown, it describes itself as “Long Beach’s living room,” and goes about playing the part by hosting such recurring events as comedy nights, board games, cornhole and Mario Kart competitions.



A relatively recent–winter of 2023–and welcome addition to the Downtown Long Beach dining and drink scene, ISM Brewing (210 E Third St) came into being with its self-described mission of providing “good beer, good food, good time.” To that end, ISM not only brews a wide variety of its own beer but leaves some taps open for “guests.” Two of those are always pouring great cider, such as Prickly Pear Hard Cider and SD Jam Cider with mixed berries.


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