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Given the art, music and literature that pours from it, Long Beach is clearly a city of seekers. Whether that search is pursuing physical and/or emotional health, self-expression and/or actualization, it has long been assisted by local establishments – some going back a half-century – that provide knowledge, guidance and community, as well as crystals, herbs, books and oils. So, if you are in pursuit of meaning, perhaps attracted by an aesthetic or are simply curious, here’s some places in town where you may find what you’re looking for.


For nearly 50 years, Eye of the Cat (3314 E. Broadway) has drawn customers that are either deep into the metaphysical or curious to see what it’s all about. A beloved mainstay in the city, there were concerns about its survival after a fire ravaged the space on Broadway a few years back. But it rebounded, and continues to be one of the largest retailers of metaphysical and occult items in Southern California. Not only will you find all manner of hermetic supplies, candles, oils and herbs, but Eye of the Cat offers tarot card and astrological readings and charts, as well as classes in Wicca and herbalism.



Those at ReCircle Home (501 E. Broadway) believe everything in life travels in circles, and their shop reflects that in encompassing a well-rounded inventory of items ranging from the metaphysical to home goods. You’ll find worry stones and incense burners, but you’ll also find jewelry, statues, treasure dishes and storage furnishings. Many of the items are made by hand in a home workshop from recycled materials. Some of them start as projects using random objects and eventually become something that embraces not only a love of universal truth but an affection for bohemian style.



Owner/herbalist Julie James has been teaching about holistic healing since the 1980s. Green Wisdom (702 Cedar Ave.) is focused on providing accessibility to herbs to the public to help, teach and empower people to harvest and create herbal remedies that benefit the specific requirements of their body and mind. their own which cultivates a community of herbalists, plant lovers, gardeners, healers and foragers. Though the shop has a dedicated community of herbalists, gardeners and foragers, as well as healers and physicians interested in the medicinal potential of herbs, it is also a welcoming space open to those curious about or determined to devote their lives to healing plants.

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