7 Photos to Inspire You to Visit Long Beach

7 Photos to Inspire You to Visit Long Beach

Cozy coffee shops, unique street art, and happening restaurants make Long Beach come alive. Take a look at these 7 photos to inspire you to visit Long Beach:

Long Beach waterfront view

1. Hotel Maya

A lovely waterfront hotel, where modern design meets a bohemian space. Grab a drink here for sunset, or stay for a weekend escape.

daytime downtown Long Beach

2.East Village

One of the best neighborhoods to explore by foot, there is plenty to see and do. Come here to browse local shops and take a bite at an eatery.

coffee in Long Beach

3.Lord Windsor Coffee

A lush coffee house where you can cozy up for hours over a cup of coffee.

gondola ride Long Beach

4.Gondola Getaway Cruise in Naples

Have you ever wanted to feel like you were in Venice, Italy? Now you can in this slice of paradise in Naples with a traditional gondola ride. Be sure to book at sunset for an uber romantic cruise.

pizza at Restauration LB


Long Beach boasts a multitude of food options, and this cafe is one of those gems. An open patio, a rotating menu, and fresh food are staples here.

downtown LB Pow Wow

6.Pow Wow Long Beach

International communities of artists have come to Long Beach, sharing their beautiful pieces throughout the city. You can easily walk the city to see the murals in person!

6th & Detroit boutique

7.6th and Detroit

If there was something that stood out about Long Beach, it was indeed the focus on local boutiques. This spot hosts an incredible curation of antiques for sell in a beautiful space.

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