Guide to Biking In & Near Long Beach

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Searching for the best bike trails in Long Beach, California? Whether you’re looking for a simple path to take your kids on or want a trail that will make you break a sweat, we’ve got you covered in our guide to Long Beach’s best bike trails.

Best Trails in Long Beach

1. Shoreline Pedestrian Bikepath

Length: 4 Miles

This multipurpose trail runs from the edge of Nimitz Road opposite Island Grisson, along E Ocean Boulevard, and ends just past Long Beach’s Belmont Shore neighborhood. Bike along the white sandy beach and gain views to some of Long Beach’s most scenic spots, including the blue waters of the Pacific, beautiful real estate, anchored ships, and more. The path is wide enough for cyclists and pedestrians to have separate lanes and comfortably pass each other. There are also plenty of places to park your car, and drinking fountains and restrooms are available for use throughout the trail.

2. Huntington Beach Bicycle Trail

Length: 8 Miles

Huntington Beach Bicycle Trail is perfect for those looking for a more energetic ride. This popular spot spans the length of Huntington Beach and is busy with cyclists, pedestrians, skaters, runners, and families with children. But don’t worry, the trail is wide enough for everyone. There are plenty of parking options available, and restrooms are accessible along the way. The trail's endpoints are located at the intersection of Warner Avenue and North Pacific Avenue, as well as the Santa Ana River Trail at SR 1/Pacific Coast Highway. Huntington Beach Bicycle Trail is a SoCal classic, so grab your bike and spend the day riding through this vibrant beach.

3. San Gabriel River Bike Trail

Length: 38 Miles

The San Gabriel River Trail extends from the San Gabriel Mountains all the way down to the Pacific Ocean and can be accessed on 1st Street just next to the ocean. The trail is a significant asset to the Los Angeles transit system that connects to the Rio Hondo River Trail, Bellflower Bike Trail, and Coyote Creek Bikeway. Because of its lengthy distance, the trail extends through a diverse range of landscapes, offering a variety of beautiful views as you breeze through on your bike. The path is paved and mostly flat, making for an easy ride if you want to take it slow, or you can push yourself and break a real sweat on the 38-mile path. There are a few drinking fountains and restrooms ready for public use throughout the trail, and parking is available at two trailheads in Azusa and at the southern end of the trail in Seal Beach.

4. Aliso Creek Riding & Hiking Trail

Length: 18 Miles

This 18-mile trail stretches from Laguna Niguel to Portola Hills, passing through several parks, rest areas, information kiosks, and more. The kiosks provide you with information about the area’s history, making this a great bike trail for history buffs or those who want to learn something along the way. If you start from the south end of the trail by the ocean, the path gradually increases in altitude, making you work a little harder before you can enjoy an easy downhill ride on your way back. Please note that the trail turns to sand for a quarter mile after passing Laguna Hills Drive. There are plenty of water fountains and restrooms available throughout the trail, making your journey a bit easier. You can access parking at Awma Road near Aliso Canyon Road, the fields off Woodfield Road, Sycamore Park, El Toro Park, Heroes Park, and by El Toro Road near Marguerite Parkway.

Where to Rent Bikes

1. Long Beach Bike Share

For 7 dollars an hour, you can rent a bike to take on your outdoor excursion with Long Beach Bike Share. There are several different plans to choose from, including prepaid plans for visitors and monthly subscriptions for Long Beach locals. Download the app, register, and unlock your bike at one of the many pick-up stations in the area. Just remember to wear a helmet, return and lock your bike when you’re finished and have fun.

2. Wheel Fun Rentals

For over 25 years, Wheel Fun Rentals has been serving Long Beach visitors and locals. They offer several types of specialty cycles, family bikes, bikes for kids, electric bikes, and more. Wheel Fun Rentals has more than one location in Long Beach, making pick-up convenient and drop-off easy after a long day of hitting the trails.

No matter what your speed is, getting outdoors and cruising through Long Beach on a bike is the perfect way to connect with the spirited character and energy of Long Beach, California.

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