Catering to Keep Your Meeting Attendees Alert and Not Asleep

Avo Toast

Creating an environment that supports productivity, engagement, and information retention is crucial when the mind is active but the physical body is sedentary.

Rule #1: Lower Calories

No, we’re not trying to sell you on some new fad diet, but the concept remains the same. Offer smaller meals & more snacks to avoid slumps. 

Rule #2: Choose Your Carbohydrates Wisely

Carbohydrates provide our brains with immediate fuel but keep it light! Offer whole grains and fresh fruits. Antioxidant rich foods are ideal for enhancing mental capacity! 

Fresh Fruit

Rule #3: Keep Them Satiated

Protein and healthy fats in small amounts are necessary to help sustain satiety. A few healthy breakfast examples include: yogurt with granola and fruit, eggs, and whole grain bread products with optional healthy fats like avocados or peanut butter. 

Rule #4 Snack & Snack Often!

Either hunger or sleepiness will inevitably strike before lunch. Combat this by eating and drinking something small yet nutritious to give bodies and brains a boost. A few healthy snack foods that will help curve appetites and stimulate brains include: fresh fruit, nuts, bite-sized chocolates, coffee, and fruit/herb infused water. For the afternoon consider: trail mix, vegetables & hummus, or fresh fruit. 

Healthy veggie snack

Rule #5: Don’t Throw it All Away At Lunch

Just because your attendees made it to lunch without falling asleep doesn’t mean you should throw steps 1-3 to the wayside! Choose carbohydrates very carefully during the middle of the day and protein (like fish or lean meat) and vegetables should be the main components of the meal. Serve carbohydrates like whole grains or fruit on the side and some healthy fats drizzled in would be ideal to help prolong satiety. 

fish for lunch

Above all else, our bodies know exactly how to be healthy. They crave the nutrients we deeply desire to perform at our physical and mental best.  Our job is to simply provide the ingredients.

All photos are examples of catering options available at the Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center

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