Date Night Brings Venice to Long Beach

For date night you’re going to need a date (naturally), a classy but cool outfit, and a reservation with Gondola Getaway.

7:00 PM
Michael’s on Naples/Michael’s Pizzeria

Nothing is sweeter on date night than a night at Michael’s on Naples – a beautifully appointed Italian restaurant with food that is positively scrumptious. It’s a positively fine dining experience that will make any date swoon. (Also, get dessert, always get dessert.)

Alternatively, if you’d like your date night to be a little more whimsical and a little more casual, pick Michael’s Pizzeria (located next door to Michael’s on Naples) where you’ll be met with savory pizza options like you’ve never had before. This is a surefire way to make the date a little less serious, but will surely woo them (Who doesn’t love pizza?!) (Netflix is unfortunately not included). Also desert, like I said, always get dessert.


9:00 PM
Gondola Getaway

After you’ve ravished your every taste bud, it’s time for an outing on the quaint Alamitos Bay. Gondola Getaway is your next step. Hop aboard a Venetian style gondola and traverse the canals of Naples (no plane needed, Long Beach has our very own!) . For added fun, if you do this during the winter months, you can check out the incredible holiday lighting displays, but either way, I think you deserve a 10/10 for this date. 

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