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We may not live by bread alone, but it certainly lends more flavor to life. Long Beach is recognized as a haven for those practicing that most ancient and fundamental of food operations: baking bread. Here’s a few spots where loaves rise to the level of art.


Colossus Bread (4716 E. 2nd St.) is a chef-driven bakery that sells hot loaves along with pastries using sustainably sourced and seasonal herbs, fruit, vegetables and grains. Created by owner and Long Beach native Kristin Colazas Rodriguez, specialties include sourdough bread and classic French and Italian pastries, which are served with coffee roasted by her husband, Nick Rodriguez. They also serve gorgeous gourmet pizzas and sandwiches.



Babette Bakery (1404 Atlantic Ave.) provides the kind of space and comfort that makes it popular with gatherings of friends and family to enjoy its full menu of breakfast items, sandwiches, soups as well as pastries, desserts and cakes. But it has made its name for more than 30 years by the bread it bakes. French bread is baked throughout the day, everyday, and authentic sourdough is made with no commercial yeast, just a natural starter. An increasingly popular multigrain variety is available in loaves or sandwich rolls.


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