Where to Play Sports in Long Beach

Even if you didn’t know about the vast number of professional and Olympic athletes from Long Beach, even if you were unaware the city’s main library is named after American sporting icon and Long Beach product Billie Jean King, the sheer number of folks outdoors, participating in all kinds of sports on the city’s many courts and courses would clue you in to how serious this city takes its play. Here’s a list of places where you can join in on the fun.


Though there seems to be some dispute as to how pickleball got its name–some claim it's from a dog, others a boat race–there’s no doubt about its quick and immense popularity. Pickleball, a sort of compacted version of tennis, is played all over the city, some of the most popular courts being the three located at Bayshore Recreation Center (5417 E. Ocean Blvd.), the six at College Estates Park (820 Stevely Ave.) and the four at Marina Vista Park (5355 E. Eliot St.). Though all have permanent painted lines, they do require you bring your own net. Both El Dorado Tennis Center (2800 Studebaker Rd.) and Billie Jean King Tennis Center (1040 Park Ave.) have courts that can be reserved for $5.



Long Beach is a renowned hotbed for hoops, whether it’s producing top flight talent or simply providing a myriad of courts, talent levels and vibes in which to shoot your shot. There is the legendary court at Bayshore Beach (5415 Ocean Blvd.) where top talent has congregated for decades. There popular courts at Pan American Park (5157 Centralia Ave.) and MacArthur Park, as well as newcomers downtown at Lincoln Park (101 Pacific Ave.) and on Junipero Cherry Beach (2100 E. Ocean Blvd.). The city has compiled this rather exhaustive list of court locations and whether they are lighted.



Long Beach’s many courses have produced lots of great players including a kid named Tiger Woods who learned the game at Heartwell Park Golf Course’s (6700 E Carson St.) three par, 18 hole layout. Recreation Park has two courses: nine holes of varying par at Recreation Park 9 (5000 E 7th St.), as well as the par 72 Recreation Park 18 (5001 Deukmejian Dr.). Other championship courses are at Skylinks (4800 E Wardlow Rd.) and El Dorado Park Golf Course (2400 N Studebaker Rd.) You can make a tee time at any of these courses at LBC Tee Times.


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