Unique Sweets To Try In Long Beach

Ice cream, cupcakes—they’ve had their day. If you’re looking to satisfy your sweet tooth, why not try a dessert that’s a bit more out of the ordinary? From over-the-top donuts to a nutty candy from New Orleans, Long Beach has many delicious desserts to indulge in across the city. And if it’s a donut, you can just call it breakfast, right?


When visiting Knead Donuts & Tea (3490 E. 7th St.), the vast stretch of gleaming glazed treats decorated to the hilt can be overwhelming. Each donut is like its own little world, piled high with toppings or stuffed with fillings. There’s the mountain ridge of coffee cream on the Tiramisu, the mesmerizing pink and white rosette swirl on the Guava Cream Cheese, and the burnished boulder of the heart-shaped Creme Brûlée filled donut. No matter what you order, you will have fun eating it.



Does your kid poke their broccoli florets into their mashed potatoes to make a forest? Then Candified (5334 2nd St.), a new arrival to Belmont Shore, is going to be their favorite candy shop. Here you can create a plate of sushi entirely with candy ingredients, make a cookie pizza with candy toppings, or design and take home a non-edible project, like glitter-filled slime or personalized tote bag. Tap into your creativity or just shop this amazing array of sweets.



Everyone loves Mexican churros, the delicious fried treats rolled in cinnamon and sugar. Brazilian churros are similar, but they also come with a filling, typically caramel or chocolate. Try them at Churriño (345 The Promenade N.), where Brazilian churros are served with gelato, as a topping on a milkshake, or alongside a Churroccino, a churro-flavored spin on cappuccino. Plus, the churros don’t stop at cinnamon and sugar—get them topped with a drizzle of chocolate, a sprinkle of cereal, nuts, mango, even 24 karat gold flakes.


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