The Queen Mary Reopens

The wait is over! The Queen Mary, Long Beach’s biggest–quite literally–and best known tourist attraction reopens for tours in April and has begun taking hotel reservations for May. All aboard! Closed since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, The Queen Mary (1126 Queens Hwy.) begins the process of eventually becoming fully operational by making these three very popular tours available again, Saturday, April 1:


Learn about the stories and legends regarding the hauntings of The Queen Mary, named one of the 10 most haunted spots in America by Time magazine. The hour tour shares many of the more well-known/infamous stories of the paranormal residents that occupy the legendary ship in a decidedly fun, informative and non-scary introduction to the ghostly tales of the Queen Mary.

Credit: The Queen Mary


If you’re looking for the lowdown on the Queen Mary, this is the tour for you. And by low, we’re talking 25-feet below the water line. There, guests will have the opportunity to walk through Boiler Rooms 1-4, as well as the ship’s Water Softening Plant and Turbo Generator Room 1. If you want to know how they moved more than 81,000 tons of metal–nearly twice the tonnage of the Titanic–along the ocean, this one’s for you.

Credit: The Queen Mary


This tour takes in the whole of the ship’s incredible life story, from its groundbreaking construction to its time as a troopship during World War II as well as its days as the world’s most luxurious, at times fastest and most technologically advanced ocean liner.

Credit: The Queen Mary
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