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Long Beach skateboard shops not only provide the very best in skate equipment as well as fashion, but also act as gathering spots for the city’s sizable and tight knit skate community. Fortunately, like the city itself, the community and the shops that serve it are both wide-ranging and extremely welcoming. Here’s where to find them.


Since it opened in 2010, Long Beach Skate Co. (3142 E Seventh St) has intentionally strived to establish an epicenter for local skateboarders, both newbies and old timers alike.

Not only does it offer a wide-range of skate-centric supplies–everything from boards to components, shoes to clothing–but also it has cast itself as a local promoter of skate culture, particularly when it comes to the ongoing development and maintenance of skateparks in the city.


A beautifully appointed shop, East 4th Skate (2228 E Fourth St) offers all the hardware, boards to bearings, that any skater of any level would need. It’s also well-known for offering a noteworthy selection of eye-catching fashion, particularly when it comes to T-shirts and hoodies. In fact, one of the shop's most popular items are shirts and beanies that sport East 4th Skate graphics.


Located in the heart of Downtown Long Beach, Pharmacy Boardshop (333 Pine Ave) is an easily accessible gem offering an exceptional selection of skate gear, clothing and accessories. It’s also the kind of place where both newcomers and longtime customers can feel comfortable spending time to get what they need and connect with the community which, at Pharmacy, often includes musicians and artists.



You read that right, the Long Beach Museum of Art (2300 E Ocean Blvd) will fill the role of skate community gathering place as it presents Ed Templeton: Wires Crossed: The Culture of Skateboarding, 1995-2012, from Feb. 2 to May 5. Templeton’s 17-year artistic project explores youth culture through the lives of amateur and professional skaters. Templeton, a former professional skater himself, documents the raw, combustive energy of the subculture through photography, collage, text, and eclectic ephemera.

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