Long Beach Spots to Sip, Snack, and Kick Back

After the hustle-bustle of the holiday season, you may find yourself in need of a post-holiday break. Check out some great Long Beach spots that offer the space to retreat, relax and replenish with a few blessed moments of winter chill.

Roe Seafood

One of the great things about Roe Seafood (5374 Second St) besides the food, rightly acclaimed as some of the best in the city, is that you choose your experience. The outdoor space in front allows for Parisian-style people watching of bustling Belmont Shore, while dining inside gives you access to the restaurant's quiet sophistication. Most chill of all is the back patio that offers both a physical and psychic retreat where you can feel community while creating your own space.



Given its pedigree–owned by the same folks who once ran the beloved coffeehouse Portfolio–it’s not a surprise Alder & Sage (366 Cherry Ave), and its simple but unique farm-to-fork menu, was an immediate sensation. The space is beautiful, both indoors and out. But while its interior offers smart, sophisticated decor–and the energy to go with it–the meticulously landscaped outdoor space and its comfortable furnishings and firepits, encourages a quieter, more intimate experience.



In just a couple of years, Buvons (1147 Loma Ave) wine bar and bottle shop has garnered a reputation as the go-to place for not only natural wine but a soothing space to enjoy it. Its bright, homey interior, amidst rows of smartly arranged bottles, gives one the feeling of sipping in a friend’s kitchen. In the back is an elegantly minimalist outdoor space where you can enjoy great wine–also selected ciders and beers–while taking stock of your day and the night ahead.

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