National Burrito + Beer Day in Long Beach

If you didn’t know, April 7 is National Burrito Day, so here are a few suggestions about some terrific local takes on the Mexican classic. Now, to be clear, no one is saying that these are the best burritos in Long Beach. One’s favorite burrito is like one’s fave taco, pizza or Beatle–a deeply held, personal conviction, and we’re not looking for a fight. (Though, if you’re curious, ours is George. Definitely, George.) All we’re saying is that these are great versions of the sublime wrap, well worth your time and taste buds. By the way, April 7 is also National Beer Day. Coincidence? Given that few things match better with a burrito than a beer, we think not, so we’ll offer a few thoughts on pairing the two, as well.

EL BARRIO CANTINA 1731 E. Fourth St.

TITO’S BAKERY 1107 E. Fourth St.

LOLA’S MEXICAN CUISINE 2030 E. Fourth St., 4140 Atlantic Ave.

APPU’S 3816 Woodruff Ave., Suite 100B (Located inside Woodruff Medical Doctor’s Offices)

POKI CAT 707 E. Ocean Blvd.