Long Beach Pride Returns In Person

This year’s Long Beach Pride parade and festival (July 8-10) once again showcases the best of what Long Beach is and aspires to be: an inclusive, welcoming community. But, let’s be honest: a good deal of the nearly 100,000 people who will flock to the 39th iteration of the event will be drawn by another undeniable feature: it’s a great party. Along with the parade, there will be myriad attractions and experiences: Glam Squads, dance battles, roller skating, food, drink and, yes, bingo. And, as always, there will be music. Lots of music. A broad range of performers, bands and DJs taking the stage for three days, headlined by the likes of Iggy Azalea, Nataliz Jimenez and Paulina Rubio.

Credit: Historical Society of Long Beach's Archives
Credit: Historical Society of Long Beach's Archives

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