Locally Recommended Eateries in Long Beach

When restaurants are off the beaten path, sometimes they remain neighborhood secrets. In Long Beach, some places are so good that little things like location and/or square footage can’t stop people from going out of their way to search their well-loved dishes out. Here’s a few that are well worth the effort!


How good is this little bit of meaty heaven? Yelp named its burrito California’s best … and burritos aren’t even their specialty! You see, Joliza’s (2233 Pacific Ave.) is best known and loved for tacos as well as a menudo that people have been known to travel to experience. Tying all of it together is a flavorful menu of meats–asada, carnitas al pastor–marinated and cooked to perfection. No wonder Yelp called it “a hidden gem worthy of being shown to the world.”



Located in a corrugated metal bungalow next to a fleet of fishing boats, Berth 55’s (555 Pico Ave.) display case shows off fresh caught and brilliantly colored cuts of fish and shellfish. You’ll find the day’s specials scrawled on a piece of butcher’s paper stuck to the shop wall near the entrance. Shrimp is always a favorite choice, whether grilled, fried, placed in a taco or in a combo with lobster. Seabass, salmon and halibut are popular grilled choices as are lobster and the clam chowder.



Located in a gas station parking lot, Dave’s Burgers’ (3396 Atlantic Ave.) red and white stand offers a relatively small, straightforward selection of burgers and hot dogs. From the Chubby Cheeseburger to the Cheese Dog with onions and pickles, this is the kind of food you associate with a great day out at the beach, backyard or, well, gas station–they have benches for you to use. This is timeless grub, which stands to reason since hovering over the operation is a large clock declaring it’s “Time To Eat.” Yeah it is.

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