Innovative Ways to Engage Conference Attendees

Innovative Ways to Engage Conference Attendees

If you want to keep participants' attention for the entire three day conference, it’s time to think outside-of-the-box!

Wondering how to increase participation outside of conference sessions? Create meaningful activities for participants during traditional off-times and breaks. Here are a few ideas you could implement when you #MeetinLB.

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Scavenger Hunts

This is a great activity for any event that features an exhibit hall and you can keep it going all weekend long! This will give participants a goal to work towards throughout the weekend and vendors an additional engagement opportunity.

Outdoor Yoga or Guided Meditation

Help your participants rejuvenate mentally and physically with a yoga break! Long Beach offers more than 150 parks city-wide; choose one near your accommodations and host a sunrise yoga session. Meditation can help provide energy, creativity, relaxation and focus to meeting attendees.

Cooking Classes

Provide a unique culinary experience for your participants one evening; offer cooking classes as an alternative to the evening mixer. Chef Tech Cooking School in Long Beach, CA, is a cooking school for all ages and skill levels that hosts corporate team-building workshops, perfect for conference attendees looking to network in a new way!

Explore the Outdoors

Take a nature break and explore your host city! Whether it kayaks, stand-up paddle boards, or a guided Segway tour, Long Beach has it all. Long Beach Segway Tours by Wheel Fun Rentals provides the perfect experience to explore Long Beach's rich history and culture while aboard self-balancing vehicles. Hop onto a Hydrobike to see unique, native wildlife, the Naples canals and Alamitos Bay from the water. 

Wellness Mornings

Start the day off with a morning run, walk, Zumba, or Bootcamp fitness classes! Your participants will feel energized before getting started on the day’s business. Attendee-led fitness breaks are also a popular option. These create a different kind of networking opportunity and encourages more attendees to join in the activities since they aren’t a “structured” as a typical breakout session. 

The Foodie Experience

Provide locally sourced snacks throughout the conference with descriptions and locations of the restaurants or bakeries around town so conference participants can seek out more treats on their own time. There are so many unique tastes to savor in Long Beach; you won’t go wrong providing any of the local delicacies. 

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