Great Spots for Long Beach Karaoke

One of the best things about the upcoming holiday season is getting together with those we care about – family, friends, workmates. And is there any better way to celebrate than belting out a communal, karaoke version of “Don’t Stop Believin’?” Long Beach, which has a well-deserved reputation for musical excellence, as well as enjoying a good time, offers tons of karaoke opportunities virtually every day of the week. Whether bars, restaurants or music venues, these places offer you a stage to make a special get-together pitch perfect.


There’s something to be said for ripping into your version of “Total Eclipse of the Heart” on the same stage that has hosted the likes of The Offspring, Black Flag and John Doe of X. Alex’s Bar is a dedicated live music venue, but every Tuesday, it hosts a weekly karaoke night with songs culled from an extensive music catalog. Word to the wise, get there early since the singing list tends to fill up rather quickly. Word to the even wiser, keep a look out for the few times each year when an all-star lineup of punk musicians form a one-night supergroup that offers folks the chance to karaoke with a live band.



Not surprisingly for a bar featured in a Hollywood musical (“LA LA Land”), Blind Donkey (149 Linden Ave.) embraces music, offering not one, but two nights of karaoke – Sundays and Wednesdays – each week. The Blind Donkey stage is raised and rather dramatic and the space is large, giving you a real sense of performing in front of a crowd. That crowd figures to be in a good mood as they enjoy one of the best selections of whiskeys in the city as well as the general fun vibe of the place featuring not only karaoke but video games, pool tables and Skee-Ball.



This is how seriously they take karaoke at The Silver Fox (411 Redondo Ave.). They not only offer two karaoke nights a week, on Sunday and Wednesday but a “Rehearsal” karaoke night on Monday so you can get your version of “These Boots Were Made for Walking” just right. The Silver Fox, of course, is a Long Beach landmark. For more than 40 years, it has not only offered a large selection of spirits to steady you before and perhaps after your performance but recently completed a major remodel that includes luminous space lighting, color effects and projections throughout the interior that figure to make your performance that much more beautiful.



This subterranean, Tiki bar classic – it’s literally located under Pine Avenue, and features a spectacular thunder and lightning entrance – is known for its authentic Tiki decor, terrific tropical drinks and commitment to entertainment. Sometimes that means live bands or hula dancers – and sometimes it means patrons on Thursdays getting on the stage and singing into the bar’s terrific sound system. If you’re debating a good song selection for your Secret Island (209 Pine Ave.) performance, we’d suggest the theme from Hawaii Five-O, except that it has no words.

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