Drink in the Holidays with these Seasonal Beverages

The holidays are a time for once-a-year traditions, whether it’s the giving of gifts or mixing of drinks. Regarding the latter, we tend to like our holiday beverages tasty, whether nogged, mulled or marshmallowed, and presented with distinctive holiday flair. Here’s a few spots in Long Beach offering some of the most unique takes on holiday drinks.


Holiday Ciders

Long Beach’s foremost cidery will be offering a full lineup of unique takes and mixes. Ficklewood Ciderworks (720 E. Broadway) will begin with its hot-spiced cider with a “chilly toddy” mix of lemon, ginger, cinnamon and warming spices. The “Pom Pomme” comes with pomegranate juice, ginger beer, and solstice cider with flavors of lemongrass and rosemary. The “Moody Manhattan” begins with Moody Root cider and adds flavors of beet and date sugar, blood orange, and pistachio.



This popular downtown tavern doesn't just add a new drink or two during the holiday, no. The Ordinarie (210 The Promenade N.) will present “Miracle,” a total remake of its entire restaurant decor and drink menu to coincide with the holidays. It’s a bright, spectacular and slightly kitschy celebration with decorations matched by more than a dozen drinks, including the likes of the Christmapolitan (a cosmo with, among other things, spiced cranberry sauce) and Snowball Old Fashioned (an old fashioned poured over an actual snowball). For an extra fee, take home your festive mug, including a Santa Hatted T-Rex mug, Santa Pants mug, or a Naughty and Nice shot glass duo.




Eggnog is the drink most associated with the holidays and, as you’d expect, it can be found at numerous local eateries and bars. You might try this frozen version from one of Long Beach’s most creative and popular ice creameries. Long Beach Creamery (222 Broadway, 4141 Long Beach Blvd.) creates it using eggnog from the acclaimed Broguiere’s Farm Fresh Dairy, with a jigger of cognac as well as cinnamon and nutmeg added, this is not only delicious, but the whipping process, actually lightens the nog, so you have a flavorful and light treat.

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