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Sushi is not only one of the most popular cuisines but also one of the most flexible; Long Beach is proof of that. The city offers all manner of traditional and innovative takes on the art form, so whether you’re in the mood for something fast, something fancy or something fusion, Long Beach has got you covered. Here’s five restaurants that showcase the city’s sushi range and quality.


This place quickly gained a following for its fun atmosphere, artful presentation and all-you-can-eat option that never sacrifices on quality. Aikan (4201 E Willow St) serves some of the best sushi in the city, expertly prepared and presented, as well as a vast variety of appetizers and traditional and specialty rolls. It also has a great Happy Hour–Monday through Thursday from 3 to 5 PM and from 8:30PM until closing–featuring great deals on sushi, salads, appetizers and udon, as well as beer and sake.



Michelin recommended Sushi Nikkei (3819 Atlantic Ave/5020 Second St) offers Peruvian tinged sushi and such amazing options as a Peruvian ceviche that brings together diced sea bass, sweet potato puree in tiger milk and aji amarilo sauce. Creative rolls pop with unexpected flavor combinations and highlights include the Nikkei nigiri, which marry Japanese techniques and Peruvian flavors in equal measure; the same can be said of the subtly sweet parmesan scallops.



Vegan Castle (2400 Santa Fe Ave) serves a full menu of classic, innovative sushi roll creations, of a quality to hearten any vegan and to fool any non-vegan that the delicious Spider Roll they are eating is made with fish, when in reality it is made with soy-based spicy “tuna.” Other popular rolls include the Dragon, Long Beach and Volcano rolls. Vegan Castle also offers a wide range of shrimp hand rolls and crispy fish tacos.


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