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It’s amazing how quickly sushi went from culinary curiosity to simply a popular, dare we say beloved, dining choice. Of course, there’s lots to love: the artistry and presentation, the tastes that range from simple and straightforward to fusion and fantastic. Not surprisingly, being a coastal city, Long Beach has an exceptional amount of choices when it comes to sushi, here’s some of its most popular, honored and, yes, loved sushi spots.


One of the oldest sushi restaurants in the city, OHO Sushi Studio (4917 Pacific Coast Hwy.) has always gone its own way in both culinary composition and presentation. Consider that its rather encyclopedic menu is presented as a sort of manga/comic book. And within that menu, you’ll find modern interpretations of classic items, some with Thai influences as well as vegan offerings such as the Yellow Submarine Roll that tops a Veggie Tempura Roll with mango slices.



Michelin recommended Sushi Nikkei (3819 Atlantic Ave./5020 Second St.) offers an intriguing concepts: Peruvian style sushi. Its creative menu offers familiar though intriguing options such as Peruvian ceviche with diced sea bass, sweet potato puree in tiger milk and aji amarilo sauce. There is all manner of nigiri and creative rolls offered in a casual atmosphere. A second location in Belmont Shore was opened not long after the initial restaurant opened in Bixby Knolls.



This East Village eatery is much loved not only for its voluminous amount of choices–including ramen–but because it offers some of the best and most innovative rolls. Sushi Mafia (649 E. Broadway) also gives them great names like Hello Kitty, LB Sun and Scorpion King, which lends to the fun of this place. One of the most popular, American Gangster, features spicy snow crab, avocado, tuna, salmon, albacore and shrimp, topped with eel sauce, chili oil and sriracha. Yeah, there’s a lot going on there.


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