Cuisine Scene: Late Night Eats

If there’s anything worse than late-night hunger pangs, it’s the gnawing feeling that the only way to satisfy them involves yelling from a car window into an intercom only to be asked the classic culinary query: “You want fries with that?” Fortunately, in Long Beach, there are other, much better options. Options that span the gamut of cuisines and styles, from restaurants that serve well into the night, and early morning, where you not only can get great food but a great feel for the city after-hours.

Cafe Sevilla

140 Pine Ave.

It was at this downtown mainstay that many Long Beach natives first experienced the Spanish miracle known as tapas. Cafe Sevilla, now in its 35th year, continues to not only serve great Spanish food but celebrate the nation’s culture, whether musically–offering all manner of Latin music, everything from jazz to beats to soul–or through its popular flamenco productions. It only stands to reason, then, that it would further honor a culture known for keeping late hours, while keeping some of its own. In fact, Cafe Sevilla offers a complete, dedicated Late Night Menu, that offers the likes of Short Rib Coca Flatbread, Croquetas de Paella along with everyone’s favorite, Queso Fundido and lots more.

The Halal Guys


115 Pine Ave.

So, those Long Beach folks who didn’t first have tapas at Cafe Sevilla very likely enjoyed them at Alegria, which also celebrates all things Latin and does it pretty much directly across the street. Alegria has music and dancing in a vibrant atmosphere while offering its own very popular flamenco shows. Indeed, this particular portion of Pine Avenue is usually alive with music, movement and a lot of happy people at night. Of course, who wouldn't smile knowing that Alegria is serving well into the night, and sometimes early morning, such classics as Ropita Viejas and Papas Rellenas, as well as full-plate meals such as Lomo Saltado, Pollo Campero and dessert and lots to wash it all down.

Rakkan Ramen

Ramen Hub & Poke

3900 Atlantic Ave. #101

Located in Bixby Knolls, the inarguable ramen capital of Long Beach, the Hub caters to aficionados seeking authentic Hakata-style ramen that employs a creamy, white broth cooked from pork bones. Ramen Hub boils its broth for 20 hours to achieve a depth and richness of flavor. They offer a 12-inch “slurpin” noodle and a signature 10-inch noodle, both handmade. Ultra-clean, this is another “fast-casual” restaurant that gives you the option of eating there or taking it home. While its original tonkotsu is probably its most requested ramen, its poke and sushi offerings are also fresh and popular.

Roscoe's House of Chicken and Waffles

Yard House

401 Shoreline Village Dr.

Known for the quality and quantity of its beer–which borders on mind-bogglingly large, everything from stouts to ciders, sours to wheat–this Shoreline Village staple has a menu to match. Voluminous? Let’s start with the fact they have more than 20 choices … of appetizers! If you’re looking for something more substantial, there’s a full selection of such favorites as tacos, burgers and pizza. If you’re really hungry, tuck into a steak, say, a 20 oz ribeye. What makes Yard House great, is not only what it serves but where it’s located: walking distance from anyone pulling a late night at the convention center or who’s just watched a movie at the Pike, or a play/performance at the Long Beach Performing Arts Center.