Cozy Up in Long Beach

In the hustle, not to mention bustle of modern life, you just may find yourself yearning for something calm and comforting and, with the cooler temperatures, a bit warm. Put simply, you’re looking to get cozy. Long Beach offers all manner and situations of coziness–indoors and outdoors, with good books, sweet kitties, a nice glass of wine or bracing cup of coffee. Here’s a few of the city’s most comforting spots.


Walking into this downtown favorite is like entering a series of dens and conversation pits, with comfortable furniture arranged to accommodate interactions. Everything at District Wine, from the volume of the music to the distance between seating areas, accommodates conversation. Of course, so does some of the best curated wine in the city, served by the helpful, never snooty staff, eager to help you make the right choice. There’s terrific small plates–especially the prosciutto-wrapped dates with goat cheese–and great flat bread options.


You may think of cozy as an indoor activity, but the Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden (Earl Warren Dr.), located on the campus of Cal State Long Beach, arranges its 1.3 acres with a series of tranquil spaces, niches and nooks in and around Koi ponds, waterfalls and various tended fauna. Surrounded by a phalanx of trees that block out the sounds and distractions outside of the garden, it’s a wonderful place to retreat and refresh, whether with a book, a friend or your thoughts.


Though this cat haven is ostensibly for the kitties, it’s the humans who get a good deal of the benefits. Feline Good Social Club (301 Atlantic Ave.) allows you to relax, bond and generally cuddle with its 25-plus cats. Does it get any cozier than that? Though there are other cat lovers about, Feline Good allows people to enter a focused, zen-like, cat-loving state. It also facilitates rescue cat adoptions through its partner, Long Beach Felines. Does it get any snugglier than that?


For many locals, this is the place that immediately comes to mind when they think cozy. The Library’s (3418 E. Broadway) charmingly thrown together collection of sofas, easy chairs, tables and shelves of books, books, books, gives you the feeling you’ve wandered into a well-loved, well-used English reading room. The vibe is calm and quiet, which is why it has long been a favorite of writers, readers, students and just about anybody looking for a calm corner to call their own for a few peaceful moments.


The new year’s most anticipated opening–there was a line to get in on opening day–was Alder & Sage (366 Cherry Ave.). This is new Retro Row coffeehouse/restaurant from Kerstin Kansteiner who previously owned and ran Berlin Bistro and Portfolio Coffeehouse. Alder & Sage is a coming together of those two beloved spots, serving both top notch coffee, pastries along with a full breakfast/lunch/dinner menu amid a calming atmosphere. It has both an indoor space, with lots of natural alder wood as well as light, or the large, manicured outdoor space that includes cozy fire pits, the vibe is familiar and delicious.

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