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You are your own captain at London Boat Rentals! Our boats reach a cruising speed of 5 miles an hour, very similar to driving a golf cart. The boats are very easy to navigate. Upon boarding our vessels, our Dock Master will charter you to the open Bay. Once the dock master reaches the end of the dock, the keys will be handed off to you! You will be given a quick tutorial on how to navigate the vessel, a map of all the sites to see and places to cruise. It's as easy as that! Our boats are always food, drink, and pet friendly! We provide ice and a cooler upon renting a boat. Our coolers are good for up to 8 bottles or 12 ounce cans. If you wish to bring along your own personal cooler, you are always more than welcome. We'll even fill it up with ice for you, free of charge! If you like popcorn, it's always free too! As we are currently populating a list of sponsors for our soon to come catering option, please check out our website for a list of restaurants that with a call to London Boat Rentals 48 hours prior to your voyage, will deliver the food and drink of your choice (billing to be COD, day of voyage).