Our turnkey facilities have pre-installed lighting and sound systems as well as dramatic décor and landscaping. At the same time, each venue can be customized with a variety of furniture, cabanas, decorative elements and specialized lighting arrays and structures.



The Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center is continuing to add to its list of turnkey special event venues. Our turnkey concept is to create venues with built-in fixtures and amenities to allow planners to achieve substantial cost savings for their special events while still maintaining creative control to build imaginative customized functions that are dynamic and memorable.

Our turnkey facilities have pre-installed lighting and sound systems as well as dramatic décor and landscaping. At the same time, each venue can be customized with a variety of furniture, cabanas, decorative elements and specialized lighting arrays and structures.

The Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center’s $50 million renovation and upgrade and current ongoing improvements are aimed at creating event spaces that maximize the ability for meeting planners to customize their events while providing turnkey solutions that dramatically reduce event costs. The Pacific Room at the Long Beach Arena, one of our first turnkey venues has been a great success since it opened in 2013. The Terrace Theater Lobby and Plaza are becoming highly sought after venues for eye-catching special events. Coming soon will be “The Cove” porte-cochere entryway to the Seaside Meeting Rooms and “The Wave” pedestrian bridge.


“A Space of Unlimited Possibilities”

At last, there is a space of unlimited possibilities, a place where you can create anything your mind might imagine. A $10 million renovation and installation created a versatile “loft ballroom” utilizing the floor space of the Long Beach Arena.

One of the largest-ever flying steel truss systems is suspended above the 45,000 square foot Arena floor. This grid system can be raised or lowered to provide the perfect ceiling height for any event, turning the Arena into an intimate meeting space for up to 5,000 guests.  The grid contains state-of-the-art sound and theatrical lighting that can be customized by the event planner. Electronically operated curtain walls drop down to cover the Arena’s upper deck seating, completing the creation of the Pacific Room. The Pacific Room can be configured for meetings, receptions, dinners, theatrical presentations, concerts, fashion shows and even sporting events. Thanks to its own built-in light and sound systems, the Pacific Room provides a cost effective and creative space for event planners to let their imaginations take flight.


“An Island of Sheltered Sophistication”

Meeting and event attendees at the Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center can step out of the exciting bustle and into the restrained elegance of Bogart & Co., with its richly contemporary atmosphere, perfect for quiet conversation and cocktails.

This newly developed event space is perfect for private parties, receptions and as a spot to relax and socialize during tradeshows, concerts, and special events. Metropolitan grace is Bogart & Co’s defining characteristic, with its several connected spaces artistically decorated with textured brick, dark woods, stylish steel colonnades, lounge type seating with booths, high and low tables, leather chairs and sheltered conversation nooks.

Café style awnings and a patio style seating area please the eye and offer a warm invitation to come inside.


“An Entryway of Distinction”

The lobby of the Long Beach Arena has been dramatically transformed from a mere entry walkway into an irresistible lounge that offers comfortable seating areas and eye-catching décor that includes artwork and colorful crystal chandeliers. No longer just a space to walk through, the Arena’s Pacific Gallery is now a desirable special event venue that can be utilized separately or in conjunction with a convention or special event. The Gallery’s attached patio includes contemporary lounge furniture, fire tables, and patio heaters landscaped with live plants and hedges.


“Long Beach’s Newest ‘Chic-to-Meet’ Event Space”

The completely renovated and re-landscaped Terrace Theater Plaza is becoming the hottest ticket in town for memorable special events. Cocktail receptions, buffet and sit down dinners become elegant outdoor affairs under Long Beach’s sunny skies or the Plaza’s dazzling displays of colorful LED lighting.

With the sparkling glass wall of the Terrace Theater as a backdrop, the Terrace Plaza, with its expansive multi-spray fountain and beautifully landscaped palm trees and flower gardens, boasts a panoramic view of the downtown skyline.

The Plaza can be set up with décor for any type of social function, including glowing geometric sculptures, fire tables, overstuffed sofas and chairs and low or high boy cocktail tables. Neon ping pong tables and other outdoor games can add active fun for your guests. Artfully arranged bars, hors d’oeuvres stations and buffet tables provide more than just food and drink, they are a “feast for the eyes.” From simple box lunches to a full service, multi-course sit-down plated dinner, Premier Catering offers superior quality food and service.

Permanently installed professional lighting makes this a “turnkey” venue that can save planners thousands of dollars. With the Plaza’s array of LED lights, evening events can enjoy an endlessly changing kaleidoscope of color schemes, including corporate colors and logos. If your event needs indoor space as well, add on the elegant and beautifully decorated Terrace Theater Lobby, with its impressive main staircase and stylish architecture.


“Fully Equipped Theater Adorned in Stylish Elegance”

The newly renamed Beverly O’Neill Theater is a wonderfully unique venue, not only for all types of professional performing arts performances but also for meetings, lectures, business forums and special events.

The 800-seat theater offers an intimate venue for any type of event that requires a stage or podium. Fully equipped with professional theater lighting, sound systems, and staging, the Beverly O’Neill Theater is another of our turnkey facilities, just waiting for its next act.

The recent renovation of the interior and exterior of the theater created an elegant performance and special event venue that impresses with its stylish décor and upscale demeanor. From entryway and marquee to lobby, restrooms and theater seating, every aspect of the theater gives off a chic creative vibe.

Guests arriving at the theater are greeted with a stunningly colorful marquee proclaiming the show or event for the day. The theater’s outdoor entryway offers comfortable outdoor seating modules for casual relaxing or pre-event receptions.

Entering the theater lobby, guests are awed by crystal chandeliers, richly patterned carpeting and drapery, gilt furniture and plentiful plush couches and chairs. The floor to ceiling glass wall of the lobby allows a spectacular view out over the Pacific Gallery one floor below.

The theater lobby has all the amenities any planner might want: comfortable seating with cocktail tables, couches, chairs and end tables. All furniture can be arranged or replaced as desired for the event setup. The lobby is often used for pre and post event receptions and is an intimate setting for meal functions.


“Party ‘En Plein Air’ Along Our Palm-Lined Promenade Plaza”

Why stay indoors when our Southern California weather is so warm and inviting? The Promenade Plaza, located just outside the Promenade Lobby, offers an expandable space for an unlimited imagination. Plan your entire special event along this picturesque walkway or combine it with the Promenade Lobby for an indoor/outdoor combo.

The Promenade Plaza overlooks South Pine Avenue and Rainbow Harbor, the gem at the center of Long Beach’s bustling downtown waterfront entertainment district. The Promenade walkway, with its artistic rolling wave pattern, shines with LED lit Palm trees and colorful antique-style street lamps.

The Promenade has been used for cocktail receptions, buffet dinners, music performances and even classic car events. This space has endless possibilities and is waiting for your creative ideas.

The Promenade Lobby has been newly renovated as part of a $50 million redo of the Convention Center. It is now much more than a lobby; it is a spacious event space with contemporary décor designed to create a warm, inviting ambiance for any activity. It is perfect for networking, receptions, pre-event functions, or even formal plated dinners.

COMING SOON! (Summer 2017)

“THE COVE” Porte Cochere to the Seaside Meeting Rooms

The Seaside Way entrance to the Seaside Ballroom and meeting rooms is on the Seaside Way underpass, directly beneath the Terrace Theater and Plaza. A creative renovation will soon turn this area into The Cove Porte Cochere, a brightly lit, visually stunning entrance for the Seaside meeting spaces. It will also be a trendy, modern twist for a special event or pre-event reception.

Multiple LED lit crystal chandeliers will be hung over the entryway to give an aura of elegance for arriving guests. The concrete pillars, walls, and ceiling of the underpass will be decorated with special light fixtures designed to look like barnacles. Decorative starfish and other marine motifs will adorn the ceiling, walls, and pillars, while vivid arrays of LED lights provide customizable lighting schemes to suit any planner’s imagination. The total effect will be an under-the-pier fantasy scene.

The area has a curved carport driveway and plenty of wide sidewalk surfaces surrounding the entry doorways. This space will be perfect for many types of pre-function receptions, concerts, and allow for special catering setups and even food truck events.

“THE WAVE” Pedestrian Bridge

The new pedestrian bridge will conveniently connect the Pine Avenue Long Beach Convention Center entrance with the Performing Arts Center theaters, Seaside Meeting Rooms, and the Long Beach Arena. Starting near the south exit of the Convention Center’s Promenade Lobby, the elevated bridge will carry pedestrians east above Seaside Way to the Terrace Plaza, significantly reducing the walking time between locations.

With LED lighting and landscaping, the bridge will be more than just a walkway. It will a beautifully artistic and colorful addition to our downtown cityscape and the Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center.