Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center “Powers Up!”

Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center “Powers Up!”

Long Beach Technology Upgrade Rivals California’s Largest Convention Centers

LONG BEACH, Calif. (April xx, 2017) – The Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center has become one of the first mid-sized centers with a wireless network rivaling the largest convention centers in the country. “Long Beach is proud to offer the best network experience of any boutique-size convention center,” says Steve Goodling, President and CEO of Long Beach Area Convention and Visitor’s Bureau. The Center and Smart City have recently inked a deal to dramatically improve wireless connectivity for high density groups. This means more people, with more devices connecting faster. As Long Beach continues to book more Millennial groups like Agenda, Complexcon, and Twitchcon, these high-tech attendees will find Long Beach “Powered-Up!”

Today’s meeting planners and convention attendees expect superior wireless connectivity wherever they go and convention centers nationwide must rise to that challenge. Long Beach has always been ahead of the curve in terms of turnkey venues and unique spaces and is now setting the bar for convention center technology.

Starting May 2017, the core technological equipment at The Center will be replaced with the most advanced wireless system available in order to create a network capable of handling the needs of all major tradeshows and special events at The Center. The new system will increase the capabilities of the wireless network ten-fold, from 1Gbps to 10Gbps on primary and redundant circuits. This overhaul will also increase the number of simultaneous devices supported on the network by more than 350%. Currently, the wireless network at the Center can support approximately 7,000 devices throughout the building. After the upgrades, the network will be able to handle more than 25,000 devices at one time. More than 200 new wireless access points throughout The Center will allow for higher density connectivity and enhanced network performance.

“No other convention center will be capable of handling more capacity than Long Beach,” Goodling stated.